2011 Valentine’s Day / Studio Pip and Co. action project (updated)

Inspired by Paul Macartney’s – Maybe I am Amazed. Song lyrics, love graphics, six text posters, six graphic posters, half on Pink Optix, the other half on Baby Blue Optix, 180 copies, 90 Melbourne sites.

We commenced the project mid last week. We acknowledged that design required clear and uncomplicated design values. The work had to be made in house as it could be easily damaged, trashed and recycled. We started by developing an uncomplicated concept, dug through our visual archive, made some romance inspired visuals in half a day, fine tuned Friday and then installed on Valentine’s Day. There is plenty of overprinting for our friend Mr Tony-I-Design–Sans-Overprint ta boot.

Valentine’s Day has become a bit of retail sell fest. In response we thought we could put a feeling out there that celebrates the special connection that people make with each other, beyond the sex thing. The feelings, the thoughts, the physical, are things in a friendship that transcends retail fix its. We wanted to simply communicate these ideas to the public on V Day.

Lesson 1 /

Our binned posters

Even in the matters of love, commerce shows no mercy – unless one has a garage sale, or lost pet notice. It appears that the act of public notice, displaying flyers or posters, an act that has been around for two thousand years, is a highly controlled social medium and potentially not the space to create a grass roots campaign or action. The majority of the sites were killed by the street poster cartel, a very tidy job too, it seems well before 9am.

Our best intentions were there never-the-less. We enjoyed making a public action which brought together an idea with print, environment, digital media devised to create many public responses and interactions. Happy V Day everyone.

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  1. Tony February 14th, 2011 2:26 pm

    Another interesting project by Studio overprint.

    Think, imagine,
    action and
    in an

    Pip and Co.
    for success.

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