A wayfinding system for Albert Park College, stage 01

Stencils and painter’s mark up

Booked in stencil

Two colour directional sign, floor colour down, rooms numbers next

Painter cleaning up finished room number

Spent stencils ready for storage

The studio collaborated with MeMe design to create a way finding system for a new secondary school opening this year. The concept and design process began in September, leaving very little time to scenario systems, develop an orientation and site identification system, research and cost manufacturing and roll out the system.
A very modest budget to work with allowed us to de-shackle our selves from developing custom manufactured systems and investigate simpler means of materials, manufacture and roll out. We turned our gaze to unconventional atypical methods of sign marking and display – street signing, road marking, and graffiti art – and formed a production palette of stencils, vinyl graphics, road marking, and building paints.
Stage 01 of the project required the base system of floor or level identification, directional markers, class room numbers, meeting and staff room markets. It was a process of constant reduction, until three colours derived existing brand palette identified each level – found on the columns, stair wells and directional markers. A simple number system identified the rooms, also on the floor. Then coloured dots accompanied room numbers and then marked with corresponding staff and meeting room doors.
Stage 01, as depicted took under ten working days to manufacturer and roll out. Stencils are in storage and are used again to touch up the system.

Main entry

Painted columns identify levels

Level markers in stair/lift well

Directional markers signing level and rooms

Sweeping walk ways reveal room numbers

Room numbers relate directly with corresponding rooms

Some rooms doubled up, which reflected in the floor numbers

Numbers with a red / blue dot, marked staff / meeting rooms in the area

A custom stencil font was developed by the studio, adapted from an exiting type face.
Thanks to Steve and John at Albert Park College for your guidance and MeMe for an interesting and challenging project.

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