Your key people

Passionate people, careful understanding and creative thinking is what one can expect with the experience of developing a creative product. We seek to understand the life and goals of projects, with the view to assist our clients in the long term.
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Our ability to collaborate with clients, stakeholders, staff, manufacturing partners and friends is the difference we bring to the design, branding and communication process.
Our of way of working is rooted in traditional, real, and interactive methods beyond trademarked-process-names. We strive to see beyond what we are creating to connect with desired audiences and markets.
In short, we pick up the phone and talk about our projects, we understand the communities in which our work will operate, we experience the spaces our clients work in, we carefully track our projects in production, and we observe and assess our projects in action.
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Our key people
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Andrew Ashton
Designer and Director

Works directly with clients, develops projects, drives the communication research and approach, manufacturing partners, and the studio practice.
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Sarah Furzer
Designer and Image maker

Works directly with clients, develops projects, directs manufacturing partners, image making, and studio practice.
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Studio interns
Assistant to designers

The studio runs an renowned internship programme running in four to eight week blocks. Our interns are typically design and communication students or recent graduates. The programme has been successfully running for five years and offers invaluable experience for emerging designers.
Our interns work directly with our designers, liaises with client under instruction, assists with image making, and project development.
Meet our latest intern here
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Toward Hansen
Group Consultant and Mentor

Born in Taipei in 1961, Toward Hansen is based in Dubai and Berlin. After a secondment in India during the 1980s, Toward returned to Taipei and dedicated a decade to helping businesses large and small in applying the principles of common sense.
Since May 2005 Toward has worked with the studio to deconstruct media and communication trends and what they mean to clients. Toward’s style is to constantly assess and critique. This process reveals the true nature of the studio offers, ideas, processes and products, to ensure that the client develops and continues a collaborative rapport with the studio. Toward has assisted to transform the studio’s website, work and communication practices.


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