Our unique service

The studio is borne of two unique and contrasting perspectives of design practice: a large communication business, and a cheeky creative studio. The quality of communication in which we strive to achieve, starts with our ability to stop and put aside distraction, listen, and then understand the spaces and places in which our work exists.
A fine balance of market understanding and generating effective communication stories, allows us to exploit the contemporary communication space to great effect. We assist clients to embrace this space and opportunity if appropriate.
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Our commitment to creative practice
Studio Pip and Co. is seeking to embed effective creative outcomes with leading contemporary business, cultural and community practice.
Studio Pip and Co., based in Melbourne, Australia, is a design and communication studio which develops work for projects and clients from all around the world.
We are an uncomplicated and lively creative practice, and we are driven to develop outcomes that transcends age groups, sells tickets, rustle up awareness and points in all the right directions.
The studio strives to intelligently rewrite the process of making effective and inspired brand identities, communication design and marketing campaigns for an ever-changing Australian culture. Studio Pip and Co’s work is both diverse in form and content, and can readily switch from a national event campaign, to humble retail space, a government branding brief, to a lively commercial website campaign.
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Our community work

In between projects and deadlines we are committed to community work. We assist many in the community with discounted or in kind design services, volunteering and support projects. The studio has a ‘creative in residence’ programme offering cheap space for a creative seeking to make art, write or produce an action.
Our current creative in resident is interiors and furniture designer Chris Connell.
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We’re less green, and more sustainable

We are committed to the sustainable practice and we strive to be a low impact business. Every aspect of our business is reviewed and refined from the power suppliers we use, the materials we specify, the impact our communications makes upon the community, to how we all travel to the studio.
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The studio at a glance

  • is a multi-disciplinary design and communication practice — brand, print, digital, event to 3D design
  • is independent, privately owned and tries to not work every weekend
  • is Melbourne based
  • works for many clients sectors — government, finance, fashion, entertainment, manufacturing, retail and cultural
  • serves many client types — big to small, hands-on to not-for-profit
  • the studio‘s work shifts between being functional, practical, sustainable, intelligent, innovative, adventurous to playful
  • has three experienced designers
  • over twenty years of professional practice
  • has received industry and peer recognition for design and communication excellence from around the world
  • strives to consult with clients, colleagues and consumers

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The way we work
The studio’s work adopts a unique mix of research, conceptual problem solving, attention to design craft, engaging writing, unique image making and audience testing. The studio’s house style is to develop diverse, inspired, useful, intelligent, and sustainable solutions as defined by the client’s product and audience.
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Our clients

The studio’s clients have included the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Institute of Architects, Australian Paper, Chamber Music Australia, Computershare, Jardan Australia, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Moonlight Cinema, Robert Horne Paper,  Spicers Paper and rising fashion design Yeojin Bae.
The studio‘s clients are its greatest collaborators. Fostering productive relationships allows inspired and effective work to transpire.
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How much do we charge ?

Our services are expensive to some and invaluable to others. We offer clients more than computer skills, the ability to mimick trends from overseas, or offer bespoke decorating services. We are a leading communication and design practice which understands the fine balance between commerce and human desire, and we exploit that space to great success. Behind all the projects are sound business cases, awareness drivers and bottom line growth.
Our fees start at AU$170 an hour. We charge by the hour from half day blocks;  work to a set budget, or retainer arrangements. For more details please request a detailed credentials document.
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