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Sarah’s hardworking and cheerful style makes her the choice of clients with difficult corporate communication briefs, tricky creative collaborations and gant charts four and one half kilometres long. Sarah is committed to making images and communication that touch people from all walks of life.
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Sarah Furzer
Designer and Image maker
Sarah has a degree in communication design from Monash University, graduating in 2006.
As the studio’s second intern, Sarah worked for six weeks in May 2007 and never left. Sarah is the Studio’s third full time designer and claims to have never liked using the computer during her time at university. The studio soon thrashed this anti computer thought out of her.
Sarah developed the images and design outcomes for the 2007 Moonlight Cinema Campaign, Department of Primary Industry, Fever Italia II, 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and 2010 Australian Institute of Architects – extra/ordinary conference.
Type, white space, ink and cut paper, big dots, headlines and digital reckoning Sarah is ready to make work that stands out is seen, sell ticket and raises awareness.
Recruitment consultants or competing studios keep your sticky mits off Sarah, she’s ours.

  • 2006-7 developed communication campaigns for Moonlight Cinema
  • 2007-8 developed communication campaigns for Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • 2010 developed communications for Australian Institute of Architects – extra/ordinary conference

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Our key people

Andrew Ashton
Designer and Director

Works directly with clients, drives the communication research and approach, manufacturing partners, develops projects and drives studio practice.
Click here for more information about Andrew
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Studio interns
Assistant to designers

The studio runs an renowned internship programme running in four to eight week blocks. Our interns are typically design and communication students or recent graduates. The programme has been successfully running for five years and offers invaluable experience for emerging designers.
Our interns work directly with our designers, liaises with client under instruction, assists with image making, and project development.
Meet our latest intern here
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