An arvo with Jardan in Sydney

An arvo with Jardan / event design / Sydney
Event brand, image design and campaign
colour and mono / type design, print collateral, apparel, digital media
Developed 2011 / 12 week project
The studio has been working with Jardan Furniture for several years developing and refining their story, communication design and brand. While many Australian designers and manufacturers aspire to be European, American or Japanese, Jardan has found a space to explore an Australian design approach, which is familiar, unique, passionate – celebrating the best of living in an exotic place somewhere on the edge of the world.
For Saturday in Design in Sydney, the brief was an exploration of 70s living in Australia. The 70s was a time where bands played it loud and raw, a pash was a pash not a kiss, every weekend had a big domestic job (like blocking a fireplace or ripping out a bathroom), a game, a bbq, a beach, an arvo with mates, friends, the boss, or the inlaws.
Our response was a typeface inspired by teenage schools bags, 85 line per inch screens, tan marks, thumping bass drums, big hair entourages and words that are everything but work. What a fantastic project, thanks to the Jardan team for the opportunity, and cheers to over twelve hundred people that made their Saturday part of Jardan’s design.

A custom font called Jelly

Invites x three

Pole posters

Facade treatment

Jelly in action

Street posters

Crew tees

Take-a-way new range brochure

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