May 2007

The Hearing Space online




The studio is happy to announce the launch of a new website designed and developed for hearing products and services retailer — The Hearing Space. The site was developed using basic html, with a little Flash, by Lee at Little Irrepressible Wonton. The Hearing Space is a retail branding project that was commenced by the studio in late 2006, resulting in the development of a new brand, print collateral, retail signing and website.

To visit The Hearing Space click here.

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Boggling over Bollywood


A recent exhibition at the NGV International “Cinema India the Art of Bollywood“, hosted a staggering array of Bollywood film posters. This was a visual treat for people of any background. The posters displayed were made by brilliant artisans, typically on a peasant wage, documenting the amazing flavour of Bollywood in decades past. The example above is a glimpse of what the exhibition had on offer, and has driven one to seek out more Bollywood films and ‘Deewaar‘. Who is this ‘Deewaar‘ character? Where does he come from? Why the look of pensive determination and the thousand yard stare?

Indeed one felt like the ‘outsider looking in‘ while eagerly digesting the amazing use of colour, type, composition and restraint evident in the pieces. One wanted to drop everything for a ticket to India — Is there countless evil fathers sending their beautiful daughters off to an arranged marriage with an equally evil and ruthless husbands? Will the ‘Deewaar‘, or whoever the hell he is, burst in with red hot guns blazing (John Wayne crossed with beef vindaloo style), save the daughters, kill the bad guys, maybe put the fathers right as well?

That is the spell of Cinema India — inspiring. The Bollywood mix of emotion and thought in film posters is something that Western posters lose in their persistent image making formula and annoying credit lists — including the Third Director of Makeup, Third Director of Makeup‘s dog, and Third Director of Makeup‘s dog assistant. No offense to Make-up Directors, their dogs and their dog‘s assistant of course.

By Owen Ridgwell ( and Aunty Di we suspect )

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Forty-eighty turns in until October







Thanks to Jim from the AGDA council for these images, we have proof that people turned up, speakers spoke, lucky door prizes were won. Stay tuned for a review.

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Now that is a black italic…


The beauty of the web log medium is that one can put an message out there, almost immediately, in a convincing editable format. Which means when one makes a wrong, like misspelling Hofestede, in our own way we can attempt to make it right for the time being. Thank you Dom for not making a big deal of the extra ‘e‘, even though we have. And by-the-way, how nice is the word “Hofstede“ type set in black italic no less? Don’t mention that typesetting comment at your next — non designers get-together. Unless you want friends to pick on you.

To everyone that attended the Forty-eight presentation tonight, see you at the next one, and to our speakers Alex, Kate, Luca, Shara, Soren and Wendy — thank you for all your hard work. To those that didn’t bother coming along, you didn’t miss much, a compelling night of Big Brother Nominations, CSI Wodonga, or 4 Corners is a better way to spend a Monday night. AA

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A glamorous way to start the week…


Forty-eight on Monday
The diversity of design returns this Monday, tickets are available from the door, come see Sydney’s Luca and Melbourne’s Kate Hannaford, Soren Luckins, Wendy Ellerton, Shara Henderson and Alex Tyers. 6.15pm Kaleide at RMIT, 360 Swanston Street. See you there.

Andrew is speaking in Korea
Professor Ahn Sang-Soo AGI, has invited Andrew to speak at a design forum XD12-AGI workshop Hongik University, Seoul for a week in mid June, along with Jelle Van de Toorn, Leonardo Sonnoli, Michel de Boer, and Franz Werner. The flight has been paid for, the airfare has been carbon off set 3 times over and Andrew is getting ready to speak design in the public space.

Chamber Music Fundraiser
The studio has donated $5,000 of studio time for auction at this Thursday’s event. The money raised on the night will assist with the running of July’s Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition. Good luck CMA we hope you raise more than enough money.

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