November 2007

See us at the market


Visit us at Melbourne Design MarketSunday, 2 December 2007
Under cover car park, Federation Square

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Come one, come all


AGDA VIC is kicking off the silly season with a take on the informal forum…

“No speeches“
“No big logos“
“No truisms like — moving forward, or, at the end of the day“
“Let‘s put in place some succession planning people“

Join the crew, take a design stand, take on something, block out the rest, no more no more, sleep BETTER.


Wednesday 5th December, 6-10pm.
Loop, 23 Meyers Place, City



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The dizzy heights of type design.

Kevin takes his message to the heavens…

As Australians across the nation go to the voting booths today, a lowly type designer takes to the skies over Melbourne and creates his or hers big message for the people to consider. It eventually red “KEV 4 PM“ or for those readers outside Australia “Kevin Rudd (the left political candidate in opposition to the government led by John Howard) for Prime Minister — Australia‘s top political office bearer“.

As for our politics — (as my Grandfather said) that is a private matter, that said who ever is voted into office has some critical work to do in terms of preparing our community for the impacts of global warming.




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On a road in Gundagai…

Traveling often brings to the fore with one a movie quote by Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins sighting and playing Welsh writer Gywn Thomas (Selected Exits, 1993) — I’ve inherited my father’s belief that there is much beauty in walking, in gazing upon the ghosts of our lost martyrs, in dreaming about the big house in the next valley where we will be accorded a warm and silver welcome and ushered into a heaven of affection. But the beauty is in the walking. We are betrayed by destinations.

I often think about this quote sitting in an aircraft. In a fast paced world I like the idea of slower forms of cross country travel — by train, bus or car, because air travel effectively gets one from A to B without appreciating the significant experience in between. An extended journey allows time to be left to ones thoughts, it brings to life a changing landscape, it emits far less carbon than air travel, it helps one to gain a sense of the occasion of travel and the opportunity of frequent surprises.

Many long trips over the years have built up a log stories and experiences — like this sign on the northern outskirts of Gundagai in southern New South Wales. The artist who made this structure is anonymous. The sign’s namesake — the Sheahan family are locals of note in politics and enterprise dating back from the 1840s to present times in the district. In fact the prominent 1100 metre bridge that crosses that Murrumbidgee River (which runs by the township of Gundagai) is named the Sheahan bridge.

The sign stands at approximately 7 1/2 metres wide by 10 metres high. It is made of crudely cut steel and is free standing on discretely set concrete footings. The scale and position perfectly takes advantage of an ever changing backdrop that is a unique contrast to the crude form. The work is a grand yet not an ostentatious tribute to the Sheahan family, and leaves the viewer wanting to find out more about this curious and solitary gesture.

In terms of typographic and signing design it is extraordinary to discover this unique graphic expression in a place far from the concerns and potterings of the design condescenti generally based in city and regional centres.






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Listen with your eyes

Rock Bottom RiserSmog, November 2006This film clip directed by Paul McNeil / Peter Cook is a dreamy partner to the song — Rock Bottom Rizer by Smog. The visual compliments the music and lyric as it depicts a wandering story that seems to be more like a screensaver come to life, than a modern film clip. This painterly animation is a welcome alternative to the typical mini motion epics with actors, location and sophisticated editing techniques. Enjoy the ride of inspired brush strokes, white space and painterly musings.

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