September 2008

One spring afternoon last week…

Melbourne is reknowned for its extremes in weather during Spring. Over a few hours, Andrew shot these images last week looking to the west from inside the studio.

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2008 Melbourne Fringe opens today

After seven months of work the 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival opens today. Thank you to our designer Sarah Furzer from our studio for all of her work on this project. Sarah has managed the finer details of the Festival‘s communication work from poster design, the website artwork, overseeing the programme layout, to working how to make a big ugly portable office look like a bus — on a tight budget. There are signs and glimpses of 2008 Fringe everywhere, thanks again to the Fringe crew for all their help and guidance in making such effective campaign happen.

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A gift from the blue

Out of the blue a package from the USA with the US Postal Service‘s 2007 holiday season issue — Holiday Knits — dropped into the studio. Holiday Knits is cute illustration and design at its best, the four stamps feature classic Christmas imagery designed and machine knitted by American illustrator Nancy Stahl — There is a dignified stag; a snow-dappled evergreen tree; a perky snowman sporting a top hat; and a whimsical teddy bear.

One hopes if this issue have matching scarves, beanies and jumpers available for the public to continue the Christmas cheer? One wants all four, in all variations.

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A new brand for AGCC

Australian Greeting Charity Cards (AGCC) provides greeting cards for the not for profit sector to on sell for fundraising purposes.

The overall image pays tribute to Andrew‘s twenty years in graphic design with references to American design of 1980‘s prominent during his student days at Randwick Design School. This look is crossed a playful graphic interpretation of symbol made easy with contemporary software tools.

There are two kinds of symbol a portrait and landscape greeting card graphic incorporating the company‘s initials. The symbol is designed to be used with the type, or on its own. The stationery is backed up with a range of graphic images based upon the type and shapes found in the type mark. The colour palette is a favourite of the client, designed to be black, white and red all over.

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Taking it to the big guys

Grill’d is a concept conceived by entrepeneur Simon Crowe, all in the name of bringing a healthy food product to the public. When Grill‘d‘s first store opened in 2004 in Hawthorn, Crowe and his partners brought their experiences from working with big corporates and their brands to the business. Design and presentation is critical to the brand‘s success — from a slick approach to comprehensive trademark registration, to a vast range of interesting illustration assets.

The approach comes together when one encounters a store, or comes across a supergraphic, like this one at QV on Swanston Street, Melbourne — not a cliché food shot, or lifestyle images of perfect people to be seen. There is no reference to Grill’d‘s graphic designer and illustrator anywhere — so whoever you are — nice one. Watch out Micky Ds.