November 2008

Medeski, Martin and Wood is for the kids

In the world of children‘s mass marketing, of the likes of The Wiggles and friends, it is very difficult to find music that is genuinely in tune with children, rather than being designed by adults second guessing what children will like.

Let‘s go everywhere by Medeski Martin and Wood is a crazy, fun and intelligent romp that presents children‘s music with all the raw edges and highs and lows of adult music. Words like rollicking, unkempt, imaginative, fun, lots of surprise, are ample descriptions of a music experience that will have Mum and Dad hitting the “play“ button again and again.

The whole package from the wonderful sound to vision is handled with a witty and inspiring verve —from the loving cover graphics to the crazy spiral graphic; type and logo free; on the disc art makes for a great alternative to the mega brands in mass produced kids entertainment and merchandise.

Nods to Graphic Therapy NYC and illustrator Jim Stoten for the compelling packaging too.

Visit for details visit Little Monster Records, Medeski Martin and Wood, or Graphic Therapy NYC here

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A picture of you

Developed by Max Ishchenko — Ultimate Flash Face is another online gismo that allows one to create a portraits with a wide and varied palette of features and functions. The crunchy bit map rendering is very appealing, flattering and artful in a low tech kind of way.

Visit and play with Ultimate Flash Face here

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Just add Food & Desire…

The studio is working with Melbourne based catering group Food & Desire to assist with brand positioning and communication across a range of media — from print to advertising.

With existing imagery we developed an idea that interrupts the catering process to illustrate the desire that is unique to the client‘s catering services, with copy that prompts what these events mean to the people who commission catering services. In summary, Food & Desire helps their clients put on great events and we felt their is an opportunity to make this process clear and destinctive.

This brand ad developed for Food & Desire, with photography by Marcel Aucar, this appears in Vogue Entertaining and Travel this month, is the beginning of a communication campaign that looks beyond the food and venues, and onto the act of creating memorable occasions and inspired celebrations.

Thanks again to Food & Desire for making this outcome happen.

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Happy birthday posters

What is a birthday celebration for two little boys without a monkey birthday poster? The image making was developed in the studio and this short run poster was produced utilising Risograph printing.

The Risograph is a high speed, multifunctional digital printing system. It combines three basic technologies: scanning, precision imaging, and high speed printing. The Risograph is the perfect self-contained reprographics system as it offers the convenience of a copier, the economy of a duplicator, and the durability of an offset press.

Thanks to Stuart at Chase & Galley for printing our posters.

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Ask Betty…

And now in honour of moaning on about blinkered retro tragic DJs, we have developed a forum for moaners, groaners, complainers, or possibly the quizical in design land with the big ideas, questions and answers.

Ask, comment, quiz… Toward is waiting with bated breath for those comments from people with clever email addresses…

In response to Betty Paige‘s comment re: AGDA Vic 08 Xmas Party — Greenhouse 03.12.08 post:

Are the “FREE tunes“ going to be provided by the “Blinkered retro-tragic DJ“ that bombed in Adelaide? Because as far as I‘m concerned that won‘t make the event CRISIS free.

Ho ho ho.

Dear Betty, or should I say Elizabeth,

Who is detailing your latest design project while one is googling themselves, finding clever sound bites/ a well art directed image of a dance floor and making up a clever email address?

The Christmas party will have tunes by Tamas Jones, the other half of Hey Convict. After Adelaide Andrew is leaving the tune spinning to DJs willing to wear crash helmets, mittens and ear plugs. No wonder the Revolver has a bull bar strapped at the front of its decks.

Make sure you bring your bubble bath this time around. Till the next cryptic comment.

Ho ho ho back.


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