June 2009

Disruption no.43

In the spirit of Brian Eno’s latest visit to Australia and subsequent project involving — May and June 2009, sound, art works, light, darkness and the Sydney Opera House. We uncovered this clip on Youtube to celebrate Eno’s good health and safe travels. Clunky, crunchy, random yet appropriate, this clip was made by ZBadSync. In ZBadSync’s words — I[t was] made MOSTLY with Gifs and pics I found on the net. Home made clips sans Aftereffects are Lovely.

Read more about Eno’s Luminous project here

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Ye goode olde stupid quote 101


Quotes can be scary things. They are used so heavily in all aspects of life, writing, conversation and when used too often their meaning sometimes gets lost in contemporary chatter. Except for this one:

The easiest way to get what you want, is to want what you have.

It seems so obvious, yet many of us loose ourselves in the pursuit of personal utopias fueled by status, power, objects and wealth.

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As part of the promotion for the market we have prepared a range of street posters. We love a budget job, and in this instance we combined AO black and white plan prints with fluro labels from local stationery supplier.

Many street posters characteristically have a lot of black and are heavy in presentation, so we went for a white look that paid tribute to Willy Fleckhaus. We often reference Willy in our work – shuffling graphic image, image placement, columns, big type, ugly type and negative space. Vale Willy. We also attempted to talk back to the street, speaking the language of design, marketing and injecting a little irreverence.

Hunting down street posters can be a bitch, unless you’ve designed the Rolling Stones’ latest tour poster. There are three posters and if you can find the Freight Text version around the inner city streets of Melbourne in the next few weeks, let us know where it is.

The first design market opens Sunday 19 July 2009, 9am to 5pm, 500 La Trobe Street, Melbourne as part of the State of Design festival. The market is calling for stall holders for details visit the market for details.






THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET brand, id, logo thingy




The studio was invited by Moth Design and Bttb to contribute to the brand and communication work for a temporary pop-up venue in Melbourne (500 La Trobe Street) called The Factory. The Factory over the spring and summer of 2009/2010 will be a hub for events centred around Melbourne creative and design community. Along with private functions, open nights The Factory will be hosting several design markets, the first being 19 July 2009, (9am to 5pm, 500 La Trobe Street, Melbourne).

The naming was a collaboration with Moth Design and bttb. During a naming meeting the process of throwing about a range options that: addressed design, design’s fashionable nature, explored and skirted around the ideas with abstract associations to design – and then Kate threw into the forum – This is not a design market, and at that moment we all agreed upon the market’s name.

Brands for design related projects can follow several diverse paths – solutions that looks like a stand alone creative design outcome, or solutions that compliments the design it is representing. In almost all instances the studio can’t help producing solutions for the design sector that are neutral, complimentary, has that something that can’t be described and a twist.

In the spirit of Ellen Lupton and her book D.I.Y – Design It Yourself, the studio has developed a D.I.Y. identity for the THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET project in Melbourne. Crossing through the – Design Market playfully references what the names suggests. The brand also comes with a set of instructions and guidelines, allowing designers working on the project to modify the mark to suit their project. The brand is capable of consistent form yet have many looks.

The first design market opens Sunday 19 July 2009, 9am to 5pm, 500 La Trobe Street, Melbourne as part of the State of Design festival. The market is calling for stall holders for details visit the market for details.

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IMEPO (migration) poster by Studio Pip and Co.


Migration is a major influencing factor that has shaped, developed and formed Australian culture. Many people from the far corners of the Earth have migrated to Australia and called it home and with them they brought their tastes, smells, textures, sights and sounds. It is an exciting place to be, and the opportunity in such a space is enormous. Layer on layer of cultures have graced our shores and this drove us to think that migration, particularly in Australia is not a Baby Boomer, or a Gen X’er, or a Gen Y’er, moreover it is a new generation people – Gen Now.

The poster project had a life of its own, we embarked on photographing range of local people in Melbourne – Japanese, Anglo Celt, Philippines, New Zealanders, Welsh and Nepalese and layered them on a vale constructed from all of the borders of the world. The Gen Now brand was developed during the poster printing process for the Melbourne Museum of Printing fund raising project.





If you are in Athens in the next few days the poster exhibition is being held at the Syntagma Metro Station over June 19, 20 and 21.

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