February 2010

2010 National Architecture Conference posters are now

As folded DL objects

As folded DL objects

Poster A

Poster A





Poster B




These posters are the latest output for the 2010 National Architecture Conference held in Sydney in April 2010.

There are two kinds of posters that combine rabbits, divers, retro bikes, paper cups and oranges to make extra ordinary compositions with ordinary objects. The posters fold from A2 to DL allowing the Institute to make a big impression while keeping the mail out prices to the standard letter rate of 55 cents. We have specified cost effective two colour printing and printed the project on coloured stocks by Optix in Copa Green and Velo Pink. We are loving printing colour on coloured stock, very happy sexy.

The posters communicate the event while the back details the programme. They designed be an exciting piece of DL print that can be folded out and hung in the studio or any public place, so if you have one hung in your studio take a medium rez photo and send it to us – we’d love to see them in situ.

Thanks again to Melanie and Paddy at the Institute for your vision, proofing and guidance.

Visit the conference here

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The big question about nice work verses client needs


Dear Studio,

How do you maintain a high standard of work throughout your portfolio? The reason why I ask is because a lot of my designs are driven by the client and committees, who have no experience in design. I am always told to ‘give what the client wants’, even though I know it will end with poor results. What can I do as a junior graphic designer to improve the situation?

Kindest regards,


It is not often we are asked questions like the following.

While we ponder over the answer, we want to follow up this question with another question, and ask what our readers they think is the answer to finding balance the of making quality communication and addressing the commercial needs of the client:

How do you maintain a high standard of work throughout a portfolio while maintaining a list of clients confident that what you (the studio) produce work that does what it is meant to – generate awareness, sell tickets, grow market share…?

If any one out there has a comment we would be happy to post the differing points of view.


G&T under the Japanese influence




Melbourne’s hottest Japanese bar is booked, copies of Astro Boy and Blade Runner are sourced too. We were tasked to develop event collateral designed to shake the woes of 2009 and welcome in 2010.

We started with exploring traditional Japanese symbols and images and developed an illustration of intertwined Koi that also is an abstract of the Ying and Yang symbol. Vertical type setting is exploited as well as a one off vertical Gunn & Taylor brand. The Japanese custom of new years postcard giving – nengajo, is called upon and range of Gunn & Taylor new year postcards are developed as a gift for the night. All we need is generous slabs of white paper, black and red ink.

Thank you Mr Gunn and happy new year!

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More work for the 2010 National Architecture Conference


Event brand variations 2 of 12 outcomes


Event image 1 of 8 outcomes


December AA colour ad

The 2010 National Architecture Conference held in Sydney is Australia’s most anticipated forum exploring architecture. The speaker and event programme is put together by a guest creative director who sets the tone of the event. The communication outcomes we have developed have come about in collaboration with this year’s director Melanie Dodd.

The thematic for the conference theme that Ms Dodd put together is as follows:

extra/ordinary will dwell on the culture of the extraordinarily ordinary. As an antidote to the incessant abstractions of globalization, we will be gathering together those who have an enthusiasm for engaging with the contingency of the everyday: inventing new ways of operating; embracing collaborative approaches and initiating direct action on the ground. Producing outcomes that are innovative and utilitarian, provocative and pragmatic. Resolving ordinary problems in extraordinary ways.

Lateral approaches, rather than a perpetuation of the status quo, characterise these overlaps and collaborations in practice. Improvisation is a critical component and contingency rules. Out of the morass of limited budget and intractable problems lies the seed of innovation. Rather than being the product of hopeless compromise, constraint provokes profound transformations at the limits of practice.

In terms of the work, all the outcomes we have developed communicate the idea of extra/ordinary. As a process we presented ordinary and available objects in extraordinary yet simple combinations. Our intention is to create contrast, variation and inventiveness in brands, paper stocks, type choices, images and layout so that every experience is varied yet linked.

The latest ad in Australian Architecture contrast pencil shavings, domestic animals, jet fighters, giant planets, abstract built forms pulled together by a crate oblique. Stay tuned for the event posters due for distribution in late February.

Visit the conference here

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New image and brand for Carousel Café






Carousel Café is situated on the foreshore of Albert Park Lake on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne. The foreshore is a popular spot for visitors to meet. On any day dogs, joggers, sailing craft, ducks, walkers will make it’s five kilometres of walking paths and subsequent green spaces a place to exercise, relax and take in the outdoors.

food&desire briefed the studio to develop a new image that adopts the venue’s existing brand and reflect the environment. We developed a new brand that ties in with an existing look, then developed a range of illustrations of people interacting with Albert Park Lake with which we brought together into a range compositions for use on cafe collateral, signing and uniform.

Thanks again to the food&desire crew.

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