Desk boxes by a paper called Stephen





Launched in June 2007, Spicers Paper commissioned the studio to develop a new promotion for a new grade of Stephen — Daring Brown. The project was small, as compared to other paper projects that we have worked on – a product with one paper weight, in one colour only. A rich dark brown cover stock (280gsm), designed for book jackets, packaging or business cards.

The idea of giving the promotion a presence gave to developing a piece of useful packaging. The desk box idea came out necessity — everyone has a desk and often one needs a place for knick knacks, CDs and bits.

The modest budget pushed us towards using two colour printing. We played around with metallic, black and white inks on four kinds of boxes. All of image making was produced inhouse.

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  1. majoll July 23rd, 2009 7:11 pm

    very2 good.more good aplikasi in box to product me.