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Future Underground People is Studio Pip and Co.’s other playful web space, designed to be in a state of constant flux and conflict — a space for commentary, ideas and process about creativity and design nerd things.

After five years of writing about creativity and design, coupled with reporting our projects, it became clear that we needed to split this site up for those design people and clients interested in :
— ideas in and around design and creativity, and or
— the latest work and news from our design and communication practice.

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Bare with us in the next few months as we upgrade the content and demarcate the thinking behind a design practice. In essence this site is about the doing, making and being design. In contrast, our portfolio website / www.peoplethings.com, documents our commercial practice; the part of practice which fund projects like this one.

Toward and Andrew, March 2011

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This web site is edited by Toward Hansen (the studio’s communication and media consultant) and was established in April 2007.

This website uses WordPress technology which utilises HTML code, so if you want the type a little bigger simply strike command (or control for PC users), + keys to increase the size of the text and, – keys to make the text smaller again.

The most recent entries will appear at the top of the opening page, or a click away at the navigation areas on the top and left side of the page. To find your way back to the home page, click the masthead or, or the top heading on the first column from the left. So if you are looking for new additions to the site, scan our open page.

From time to time we are updating existing projects without any notice, so please dig around. If you come across an error or an oversight, e-mail us. We appreciate any pick ups, as a full time editor

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  1. Kevn Harper May 17th, 2007 8:09 am

    Hey… nice blog, Toward. We love Lee…