Australia Project poster submission

Title: Australia reduced to clear

Title: Australia reduced to clear

Creative statement

Outside of Australia, Australia is perceived to be one big tourist park filled with strange animals, poisons bugs, big skies, big rocks, sandy beaches, the pub, the boomerang, sporting heroes, the bush people, and long haul flights.

Tourists the world over love a bargain, love to barter, love the challenge of finding a good purchase. As a tourist culture it seems at times that everything in Australia is for sale, everything has a special price, everything is reduced to clear – be it Australia’s natural resources, local products and brands, ideas and innovations. Much of what Australia has to offer leaves its shores to be converted, profited from and or prosper – be it Australia’s coal, iron and timber; the sale of Australian brands – Vegemite to Orbital Engine; or the departure of great minds and talents of Germaine Greer, Barry Kosky, Robert Hughes, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Elizabeth Blackburn.

The legend of colonial anti hero Ned Kelly is called upon in this poster. Kelly stoically peers out of a crude and barren world of “the sale” and invites to the viewer to discover and materialise Australian culture and identity.

The Brief from Australia Project :

What We’re Looking For
The Australia Project is encouraging Australian creatives to explore and redefine clichéd national stereotypes in the hope of revealing a unique perspective on contemporary Australian culture.

We are seeking individual responses, personal opinions and social commentaries that best describe your view of Australia today. The emphasis is on YOU. What is YOUR opinion of our culture?

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of reference images and articles that we hope will fuel your creative mind. Discussion points include but are not confined to…

Contemporary Issues — what is your stance on Immigration? Has Australia done enough to fight climate change? Are we really sorry? To what extent does Racism exist today and why? Sport, colonisation, religion, politics and more are discussed here.

Local Environment — do you think the vastness and spatial qualities of the Australian landscape are reflected in our contemporary visual culture? If not, why? Do we still look abroad in search of inspiration? How does your immediate environment influence your aesthetic or process?

Contemporary Emotions — what is the emotional status of contemporary Australia? How do we feel as a collective? Do we feel free? Do we still laugh at ourselves? Are we afraid of foreign threats? What does it mean to be ‘lucky’? Are we mourning a loss? or embracing the future?

Creative Brief
The brief is simple. We are asking all participants to ‘creatively express your view of contemporary Australian culture’.

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