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A green space in NYC takes the high ground

A wonderful integration of public action, landscape design and vision has created an evolving green space in a city that needs public space. Communities across the world, take note, potentially usable public spaces can take any form… Thank you Barbara G at Heavy Meta for making some time and sharing this intelligent design and beautiful public gesture.

For details visit here

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The age old drama, I need it done and I want it, demand it, will it now


Dear Andy, love Mick x

Stones design by Andy Warhol, circa 1971

Stones design by Andy Warhol, circa 1971

Making a something is often under estimated. In the hum of people who make things, a chorus rings clear … writing is a mugs game they say, so is painting, shuffling mouse, designing, along with retouching, or recording.

History dictates an age old situation of the people outside the process of making a thing always assume the time needed to do the making. Is the case for the makers to educate, or the appreciators to discover? One suspects that the makers should entice the consumers with the charm, wit, and cunning of a modern celebrity chef, fine artist or best selling writer.

One thinks that is better to do less assuming, is somewhere to start. I loved coming across this correspondence from front man of the Stones, Mick Jagger, one wonders whether Robert Brown-John, photographer Robert Frank, or John Warwicker was sent such a note… One loves how Warhol did take notice of Mick’s prudent instruction …”the more complicated the the format of the album…” and had a real zipper tipped into (stuck into) the original LP pressing.

The Rolling Stones are the original glam marketers, their roll of art directors and image makers represents some of  the best living, passed practitioners of creative thinking.

As per samples

Stones design by Robert Brown-John

Stones design by Robert Brown-John

Stones image making by Robert Frank

Stones image making by Robert Frank

Stones design by  John Warwicker and Mark Norton

Stones design by John Warwicker and Mark Norton


In a corner of Melbourne …


Tom Bass was born in Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia in 1916 and created this sculpture the Children’s Tree for the CML Building. Read more

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Nice John poster


This poster (we think by Mr Tim Moore or Mr Nik Dimopolous, please clarify guys Read more

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A post with a process that doesn’t involve computers, or graphic drawing and publishing software, some fuzzy uncredited statistics and the gruesome death of a historical figure. Read more

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