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Love tea, love you, buy thee


Kere Kere, Melbourne Uni’s answer to coffee with soul, has produced a gift tea towel designed by the studio. For $20 per towel, decide where the profit goes either to a cultural, environment, social causes, or to the owner, and spread Kere Kere’ message to give with no expectations.

Visit Kere Kere at Melbourne Uni or the website here for your little bit of love

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For Love For Money at 2009 AGIdeas


For some years now Andrew Gunn has been hassling the studio to produce a publication of Andrew’s photographic work.

We were in the middle of producing a printing guide when Andrew said – Printing guide sminting guide, I want tell the story of our love of print with something like this (he was thumbing through and old copy of Funnel, a Nelmes Smith Ashton stab at publishing).

That was eight days ago. An all night session that Thursday night, a pdf, a yes on Friday morning, aweekend of photo prep, artwork was ready Monday, pre-press was approved Thursday, press check 6am Sunday, binding on Monday. Launch on Wednesday (tomorrow) at AGIdeas for the Marina Willer presentation.

Get your copy at the conference! Thanks again to Gunn & Taylor, an amazing effort.

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Rio design carnivalé at Greville Books

2009 Studio Pip and Co. publication

For a limited time the studio’s publication will be available from Greville Books. Read more

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The Rio New Years Design Carnivalé is here…

2009 Studio Pip and Co. publication

Oh yes, big, big, big on colour, words, ideas, and celebration. Three lift out posters, thirty two packed pages, eight typefaces, highlight posts from Nowality curated and edited by Brita Frost. Read more

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New year design carnivalé is here

The studio has published a new house publication, in glorious hi end colour newsprint, tipping upon the project work for the last year and highlights from our online journal Read more

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