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So Frenchy So Chic 2010 is here







The Unofficial Soundtrack to the 2010 French Film Festival takes us into a dreamy space.

Kat Macleod from Ortolan has developed another wonderful diva pitted with corse stenciled title type and the spare uncomprising type of Mr Frutiger, in blue jeans mode.

Released in January 2010, share the love and transcend into the space of new French sounds…

Thanks again to JF for your ongoing and inspired support.

Visit Cartell Music here

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A new brand for Batch Espresso

The studio has developed a new brand that is totally in the hands of the crew at Batch Espresso. Read more

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So Frenchy So Chic 2009

The Unofficial Soundtrack to the 2009 French Film Festival takes us into a garden of sorts. Read more

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Look out for Global Village 3

The studio was commissioned to develop music packaging for SBS‘s seminal travel show Global Village.

The series has an ongoing theme that explores exotic creatures that populate all corners of the earth. We submitted a range of creatures and a beetle was selected for it jewel like qualities. The illustration of the exotic beetle was developed by our image maker in residence Sarah Pickering. A quirky botanic rendering of the beetle was selected and the final rendering was completed in watercolour and pencil.

Thanks again to Universal Music.

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Thin Man for Pearl Restaurant

The studio was commissioned to develop a house wine packaging for Pearl Restaurant, inspired by Pearl‘s Sommelier — John Evans. Interpretations and images of our Thin Man were developed by illustrators Jane Reiseger and Sarah Pickering, which was then fused with Thin Man typography executed in a red foil that blocks over modest black printing. The range starts with a Pinot Noir, a white wine and sparkling will follow soon.

By Jane Reiseger

By Sarah Pickering

Visit Pearl, Jane Reiseger and Sarah Pickering here

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