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Pulse for rebranding





Pulse is a boutique health and rehabilitation centre for people looking for remedial massage and traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. Part of the TCM process is assessing pulses and then using treatments to bring these pulses back into equilibrium, which is depicted in the brand variations.

We also developed a direct mail campaign that presents a variation to the whole alternative medicine thing, which often beats to the drum of mauves, dream catchers, crystals and whale music.

Brand, print collateral, signing, uniform and a simple web outcome was developed by the studio. Thanks goes to the Pulse team for their collaborative spirit.

Visit Pulse here.

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The Project Agency brand is away

The Project Agency is an emerging Melbourne based marketing, brand and events consultancy that works in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food and… Read more

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Saxton Stationery guide is here…

The studio has produced for Saxton paper a guide for small to medium printers to assist their customers who utilise their local print shop to design and produce stationery systems. The guide taps into the notion that people outside of the design industry are looking to personalise, or design their stationery systems.

American graphic design writer Ellen Lupton explores this idea in her 2006 Princeton Architectural Press publication — D.I.Y. Design It Yourself, she states in the opening pages that — design is art people use.

The idea of non-designers designing can be quite threatening to design professionals — I say bring it on. At the very least it will help normal people (who don‘t design for a living) experience the process of making design. D.I.Y may also help normal people discover that making design isn‘t as easy as it looks, or that design doesn‘t happen magically on the computer.

Thanks again to Saxton Paper for this opportunity.

Visit Saxton Paper here, visit Ellen Lupton‘s design-your-life journal here

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Good clashing at The Parlour

The Parlour is a hairdresser in St Kilda renowed for being a little over the top. What other client would brief you to produce an appointment card that combines flouro yellow, flouro pink, and a holographic clear foil called shattered glass?

The Parlour‘s identity is not one fixed type mark, more over it is made up of a layering of typemarks from all corners, all styles, and all varieties — we have even used an awkward typeface called Hobo. We felt that everyone has a unique look and this treatment states as much. Thanks again to Gunn & Taylor for the crazy printing. Signing and website to follow.

Visit the Parlour here

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Artful Gunn & Taylor business cards

The studio is in the process of developing a communications campaign for this revered Melbourne printer. Andrew started with photographing and developing a suite of images relating to the operation and then to shift the visual points of reference.

One can expect that a high quality printer will go nuts with various printing techniques, and that is because they can — papers have been laminated, spots colours, 4 colour process and spot clear foil. Thank you Gunn & Taylor for another wonderful process. Collect all 782 designs.









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