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Chamber Music‘s business cards

Much of the work we do is as much about the idea as the means in which we execute it. Chamber Music, or all forms of music is an individual experience ang we wanted to express this idea from the brand right through to an event banner or CD. The type mark was developed with endless icon options. The business card best illustrates this idea.

Design: Studio Pip and Co; client: Chamber Music Australia; finish: printed two colours two sides on uncoated 280gm2 stock.


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NDC‘s business cards

The National Design Centre asked for a logo. We felt how could one possibly represent the many levels of design activity? So we came up with a simple grid and a set of instructions — draw five lines in any configuration, in any medium, as long as the lines touch, in any way, touch each edge.

Design: Studio Pip and Co; client: National Design Centre; finish: printed two colours two sides, a single emboss on uncoated 300gm2 stock.


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Karl‘s business cards

We designed these cards for Karl back in 2002. Karl lost a load of these cards on the baggage carousel at Sydney airport when the shipping box burst open in transit.

Design: Studio Pip and Co; client: Karl Schwerdtfeger Photographer; finish: printed two colours one sides, folded three times on a coated 70gm2 stock.






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