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For Love For Money publication









The studio in conjunction with Gunn & Taylor Printers has produced a 32 page publication of photographic selections by Andrew Ashton.

The publication is an introduction to Andrew’s photographic work spanning ten years. Scale, diversity, contrast, and a spareness of graphic elements (accompanying descriptions and typography) was put in place in the design to allow the narrative within the images to prevail.

The notes and related information are stitched to the outside of the piece printed in one colour, allowing the viewer to gain an insight into the images and process. The notes are printed on a light, delicate stock designed for easy removal or left in place by the piece’s owner.

The 24 page image section is printed in 4 colour process on an oversize A3 format. We specified an uncoated workhorse offset paper (FSC accredited) with a self covered finish to allow the piece to be rolled, stowed and presented again on a generous flat surface.

Thanks again to Gunn & Taylor.

Copies can be purchased from Greville Books, the Studio direct, or if you work with Gunn & Taylor you may find a copy coming your way soon.