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Pearl Restaurant explores the digital menu

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Pearl’s iPad wine listing and menu
Digital intranet project
Duration 8 weeks from briefing

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As new technology shifts and shapes the way in which people interact with the world, tools, products and points of reference are being challenged, evolved and transformed.

On the eve of the launch of the Apple Ipad Pearl Restaurant approached the studio to explore and put their wine list on the iPad. A modest start up budget was worked out, as experience has proved that new technology projects can be redundant with a change of new technology.

Site maps, content guide, software choice, concept and design, digital development and testing was managed by the studio over a very busy six weeks. The menu utilises content management software, which all allows staff to edit and update with daily special and list changes at anytime. The software works exclusively from the restaurant’s server and is transmitted to several iPad via wireless. The new menu will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

As in the world of books this project brings with it the beginnings of a new direction for the menu format.

Thanks again to the Pearl team for your support.

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Cartell Download is open, ready and online, s’il vous plaît

Home page

Home page

Album track listing and sample player

Album track listing and sample player

Cartell news site

Cartell news site

Cartell Music has expanded it offerings of producing music brand and event, such as the So Frenchy So Chic brand to an online store – Cartell Downloads. Cartell Downloads is a unique Space for French sounds and inspirations from Air, to Daft Punk, to Jean Michel Jarre, Django Reindhardt, Josephine Baker to the curious Perrey & Kingsley.

This digital design and development project, involved sub branding, web design and complex digital development by web developer – The Mighty Wonton, ie Little Irrepressible Wonton. The site hosts over 4000 tracks, each track can be sampled, and all can be purchased as single track or packaged as albums. Individual as well as gift voucher purchases can be made. Thanks to JF for the this fantastic project, good luck and best wishes for your new venture.

To celebrate the launch of Cartell Download and the new So Frenchy So Chic TV series four free tracks are available, click here for details

Visit Cartell Downloads here
Visit The Mighty Wonton here

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Kate Keane’s new brand is all about collaboration







Many publicity and events firms have brands that use stacked variations of the typeface Bodoni or Helveltica. Kate wanted something bold, classic and unique.

To start the process we asked Kate to write her name in her hand and she happened to have a style of writing that would translate wonderfully into a brand mark – like the hand of fashion designer Agnes B. We busied ourselves with graphically translating and interpreting her script into a simple mark. A website has been developed and stationery is to follow. Thanks again Kate for giving us your hand.

Visit Kate Keane Publicity and Events here

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How to transform the notion of design grants…






The reality of spending time doing and working through a process, to then find this process is fast becoming superceded by a new process is a situation as old as time itself.

Established print designers moaning about developing work for the web is common, and all one can say, as politely as possible, is to get over the old days of print, embrace digital and invent new spaces for print.

As designers who love to work with ink on paper it is challenging to think that several weeks of effort could be spent on a product that is bits and bytes, yet this brief is appropriate for a time requiring work that has low environmental impact.

We approached the project in the normal way – research, concepts, image making, information planning and presentation, design development, sign offs and artwork. The only difference being is that the project was a digital document with a small print component – a series of four postcards.

This project required us to demystify and promote government grants developed for the creative sector. Government grants present businesses the opportunity to bring about a range of positive changes to work and practice, and we wanted to depict this idea with a range of evocative images. The images are a response to the old notion of people using some form of external device, or machine, to bring about a radical transformation. Within a tight budget we investigated the inventions and dreams of people looking to transform – time machines, jet packs, and person transporters and we took it upon ourselves to invent our own twist of the fabled dream machines – as a mash of people, wings, tin helmets, propellers, and curious body suits.

The design exercise aside, this PDF has been devised to help the creative sector to seek grants and execute the process in the best way possible. Details can be found at Design Victoria here. Thanks again to DV for this communication opportunity.

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Cartell Music is live

Cartell Music is an independent music label bringing music, other than Western sounds, to willing ears. Read more

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