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Coffee Supreme breaks the packaging drought


1 kg range

For bike nuts – 1 kg

For bike nuts – 1 kg

Free trade – 1 kg

Free trade – 1 kg

Café noir with Andy Sargent of SSW and Studio Pip and Co

Café noir with Andy Sargent of SSW and Studio Pip and Co

Café noir detail

Café noir detail

Packaging is a part of the design output that has alluded Andrew in last twenty year. In the past he had produced FMCG ranges for Allen’s Confectionery, Colgate and Panamax to only have international HQ smash his artworked ranges with some new global design directive.

In between there has been some boutique wine labels, a raft of corporate packaging for Country Road, and a coffee bag range for boutique roaster Coffee Supreme. We will document this project in the coming weeks, needless to say the first skew of this outcome the 1 kg bags has hit the streets with a super underground softer than soft launch i.e. the new bags are being used with no fanfare.

The studio is responsible for the entire production, image making to artwork, except with the Café Noir outcome where we collaborated with artist and designer Andy Sargent, residing at South South West studio. Andy was invited to respond to the Café Noir theme that we developed for the darker richer blends. Andy armed with his distinctive style put together a Café Noir scape, where maybe the guy or the girl gets dumped. Lurking in the background is our familiar bear bringing a little fairy tale / “Dark Sided” (look that one up on youtube) reality to the situation.

More to come, thanks to Andy at SSW and Justin at Supreme for pushing on through an interesting process.

Supreme can be found all over Melbourne, Andy at South South West

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Command / Control “p” at MMOP








The Melbourne Museum of Printing invited the studio to make a work using letter press for it’s fundraising programme.

Each studio was given three hours to make a work. It is tempting in this instance to make more time, yet we felt it was appropriate to treat the project more like a performance, rather than an invitation to create a highly engineered design – we had the printing studio for three hours, and we made what happened within that time frame.

After half an hour, it became pretty clear that letter press printing is a physical reminder to contemporary designers of the flexibility and speed readily available for generating complex design solutions.

The simplest of design layout can take many hours to generate with letterpress – as compared with a desktop computer, software and a printer, it is with this appreciation of output and time required by designers past. Furthermore we have an insight into why so many invited artists and designers took more than three hours to make their work.

The exhibition of works can be viewed at the Melbourne Museum of Printing, next door to 34 Mooreland Road, Fitzroy. Thanks to Warren for a wonderful experience, we will be back, with a layout and three hours soon.

Visit the Museum here

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Celebrate Autumn 2009 at Pearl Café





Autumn in Melbourne is one of city’s finest seasons. The rains return, there is still a little late light in the evening and the colours turn in a spectacular fashion.

It is with this spirit Andrew made this image for Pearl Café’s latest menu. Communication design at its most simple expression often gives the client and designer the most effective and inspired outcomes. Thanks again to Andrew and Geoff for the great brief.


Stephen — an ingredient for design…

The studio has developed another promotion for a paper by Spicers Paper called Stephen. Stephen is new improved and new new new. A new range of colours — whites specifically, now has 50% recycled content, FSC certified and it is the prefect ingredient for any print communications.

The studio developed a recipe book of sorts, developing writing, image making and collaborating. Ten print colours, five different paper grades of Stephen later and printing by Gunn & Taylor a 40 page book is coming to a Studio near you soon.

Visit Spicers Paper for details

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