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Circus, circus, circus, it’s one design circus

A circus poster is something one did as a college assignment. One found these Australian circus posters and thought what makes them so good is the person who created probably wasn’t qualified in design at university. They just made them for a day, or so, and got on with the next job – a hardware flyer or a betting form.

These images were found at an exhibition called Wild things : Life Beyond the Stage, at the Victorian Arts Centre Click here for more

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A recipe for a sweet breakfast time

Soft Andy’s Crappy Stoned Fruit Jam

Allow two hours to prepare.

Apart obvious bowel related ideas and gags, have you ever wondered why grannies buy old fruit?

Apricots lightly boiling

Go to your local fruiter, ask for the discounted crappy stone fruit seconds. Pick any stone fruit, preferably the non cling stone or semi cling. i.e.  Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums. In a determined yet quiet way, pick the eyes out of the box, go for blemished, sad looking, not too bruised, or brown looking pieces. Make sure you pick one stone variety only, and sort one to one and a half  kilograms of fruit depending on the quality of the fruit.

Prepare the following ingredients and object.
Take home, wash in cold water, clean, halve and trim away any bruised or brown looking segments. Do not skin. One should aim to end up with one kilogram of prepared fruit. Depending upon how sweet you like your jam measure up 400 to 500 gsm of castor sugar, remove the zest of one lemon, extract the juice of one lemon. Take one vanilla bean pod and cut into 4 to 6 strips.
Wash and sterilise 600 to 1000mL a swing top glass jar with a rubber seal.

The cooking.
In a medium to large, heavy sauce pan, on a low heat, add your fruit, sugar, zest, lemon juice, and vanilla bean. Gently mix in all of your ingredients until sugar is dissolved to a melted ice cream consistency. No turn up the heat to medium, keep mixing and bring the mixture to a gentle boil – a foam like opaque tint of the fruit with appear and then give way to a darker liquid. Lightly boil for 10 to 20 minutes – depending upon the hardness of fruit. The fruit will reduced now to a thick, chunky liquid. Now bring the liquid to a light bubble for 20 to 40 minutes, depending upon how chunky, thick you like your jam.

Note 01.
Juicy fruits like plums may need more time to simmer to achieve a thick mixture, you might want to source up to 25% to 50% more fruit to allow for liquid lost during the simmering, check sugar during the simmer to compensate the tart taste.

Note 02.
Add a little peeled apple or pear for texture and taste mix ups. Again check sugar during the simmer, add sugar to compensate the tart taste.

The storage.
Once you find your jam’s consistency, take off the heat, let the mixture cool for around two to three minutes, then empty with care, the hot jam into your glass jar. A rubber spatula is very handy for pot scraping. Seal and put in your fridge – not before you have dropped some bread in the toaster for sampling.

Ingredients and object

  • One kilogram of prepared fruit – Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums.
  • 400 to 500 gsm of castor sugar
  • The zest of one lemon
  • The juice of one lemon
  • One vanilla bean pod
  • 1 x 600 to 1000 mL a swing top glass jar with a rubber seal.

Enjoy! As they say in all the right places.
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Vale Rowland

– – –

On most Mondays, Mary comes by our studio and helps us with process of rustling up work and keeps us in order in between.

Mary’s friend Rowland S Howard – a founder of the iconic Australian punk group – Boys Next Door and the Birthday Party, passed away on the 30 December 2009 at 50 years of age. We wanted to send our thoughts to Mary, and Rowland’s family at this time.

– – –


We stole this image of Rowland in full flight from photographer Matt Sutton’s website.

Mr Sutton wrote of his image…

A few weeks back on a Sunday I walked into the city as I noticed around 9.30am the sun coming down king street was rather nice. I arrived there as planned to find the light and took a few photos. I had really wanted to go to Cockatoo Island for the “All Tomorrow’s Parties” music festival. They had one ticket left and I caught a ferry over and stayed 12 hours. It was different. I loved Rowland S Howard’s music above all. The Birthday Party with Nick Cave was where I remembered him from. I came home black and blue with some great memories on film.

Visit Mr Sutton’s website here

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Urban paradise or out of control eyesore


pipandco_honkonggarden_09112701One of the great things about being a creative based business is that an aspect of life – creativity and creative thinking can be applied to anything and everything.

In such a space a creative idea or thought doesn’t have to be a finished thought or resolved outcome, in other words creative thinking doesn’t have a brand strategy or an abstract image or painting.

Many ideas and musings have no real purpose. One idea is of a jungle in the urban context – the wild nature of city living. Often you will hear referenced in conversations, even in music, that urban life can be referred to a jungle – it’s a jungle out there.

Sometimes this notion of city living becomes real. This house in the suburbs of Melbourne is such a place. It is a wonderful thing to encounter such a place and imagine what goes on within its boundaries. Many people would see such a place and want it cleaned up and brought back to normal. We like the idea that these places exist as reminder of how wild things can become when a human routine such as doing the gardening is overlooked or becomes unimportant.


Several months ago this overgrown property was made normal again, the above image records its transition.

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Carlisle Street has its very own Pole Junky…


Just outside The Wall espresso bar in East St Kilda, enjoy the scrappy bliss that is the street art project called Pole Junky.

For details of Mr Junky go here

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