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The studio in association with AGDA is putting together the latest forty-eight event – an event is about supporting Australian creative people and celebrates the diversity of their output.

The theme loosely explores…

In 2010 we are asking speakers to respond to the idea of being at a crossroads, a significant moment, encounter or situation that brought about a change in direction or a clarification. Your crossroads could be a project, person or process that changed the way you work, the output you make. Throughout history many movements, outcomes and ideas have come about from a punctuated moment of inspiration or insight.

Our speakers this year cover the bredth of creativity art, design, film, and music (in alphabetical order), each speaker has a six minute slot of which fate and their stories, work and ideas dictate the rest.

Laura Cornhill, Studio Binocular – designers/image makers
Di Elderton, Argonaut studio – designers/image makers
Dominic Forde, Famous Visual Services – designers/image makers
Raafat Ishak – artist
Darren Henderson, dirtygood – designers/image makers
Tim Hocking and Tommy Elliot, Newbirds – Musicians on the make
Aaron Moodie – The People collective – designers/image makers
Pete Salmon, Salmon Design – designers/image makers
Tim Kentley, XYZ Studios – Picture Maker

Forty-eight (is at a cross road)
6.30 to 8.15pm
26 July 2010

Telstra Corporate Centre Theatrette (enter from foyer)
242 Exhibition Street (corner Lonsdale Street),

There will be drinks afterwards

For ticket details contact
vic (at) agda (dot) com (dot) au

A big thanks goes out to The Gunn & Taylor Printers crew for printing the invite, Optix by Australian Paper and Spicers Paper Paperpoint for the paper and cheer.

Book early as tickets are limited!