Is it about the feature film, or the title design/er ?

Last night I presented, along with Suzy Tuxen, Stuart Geddes, Warren Taylor, and Dom Bartolo at Title Sequence as part of the 2011 State of Design Festival. Great titles transport the viewer from their world new world and story, the vision, the transitions, layout, type design, visual effects all serve to make this transition a smooth and compelling ride.

Thanks again to Ghita and Keith for all their attention, cheer and care.

During my day to day I often go to the cinema to escape the world of deadlines, doing graphic design and thinking about stuff, for a dark room, a big screen and overwhelming sound. The title sequence is one way to shake me up and transform one into new zones and stories for a few hours. The following are a collection of titles which transported me from my design world and into another much more compelling and new worlds.

– – –

I like compelling
I like evocative
I like awkward noisy

Dr Who (1963) Designer Bernard Lodge.

On the night, I incorrectly credited the design to William Hartnell, thanks to the audience member who, like a some sort of father figure – tisk, tisked me. Tisk tisk yourself sir, we are not all perfect and we are all allowed to make mistakes from time to time.

Bernard Lodge (born 1933) is a British designer best known for his work on the BBC television series Doctor Who. He designed the first four series logos, and designed and engineered the first five title sequences. These include the ‘howlaround’ versions and the ‘slit-scan’ time tunnel ones. His designs were used until 1981 when Sid Sutton was appointed as the new designer by producer John Nathan-Turner.

Apologies to Mr Lodge again, and to that nasty bloke that corrected me, I have to say I strive to be constructive when providing feedback, being a grumpy finger waving pedant is not one of my methods.

– – –

I like simple
I like insane detail
I like sympathetic type

See the clip here embedding disabled by request

The Conversation (1974) Francis Ford Coppola and Walter Murch

– – –

Fight club opening sequence from yamz66 on Vimeo.

I like a ride
I like restrained tech
I like seamlessness
I like surprises

Fight Club (1999) P Scott Makela

– – –

Napoleon Dynamite from dazedcracker on Vimeo.

I like funny
I like odd and good yuck
I like a sense of place
I like crazy type

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Arron Ruell, Jared Hess

– – –

I love elegant type
I love old being new again
I love cast-like type
I love scale
I love great music/image/drama/type aligning

io Sono l’Amore (2009) Calligraphy by Luca Barcellona, titles by Marco Cendron

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