Let’s skip December 2009 and go to 2010



Welcome to the future, welcome to a tea-towel about tomorrow. Let’s forget about the GFC, Copenhagen, Swine flu, 350 parts per million, 1.5 degrees or less, and professional celebrity.

Let’s immerse ourselves in a truly new year. Let’s imagine that 2009 just didn’t happen. Let’s put ourselves in a new space of the ‘endless fun times’, and welcome in the future – December 2010.

Inspired by the Australian Christmas stamp issue of 1977 by Con Aslanis – we think, 1977’s surfing Santa was a one of Australia’s most controversial issues. Coming from a time where Christmas messages at the highest level were mostly of a religious nature, the surfing Santa was seen to trivialise the message of Christmas.

The studio Christmas / holiday tea towel celebrates a utopic Australian way of life. We have smashed together several clichés and paid homage to a dreamy summer where the days are hazy, laughter filled, pigs do fly and Koalas along with Reindeers surf as one.

Thanks to Ben and Shelley at SuperSpecial for their super special screen printing efforts, Chen at Jardan for sewing tags through the night, and to you for your ongoing support, ideas and friendship.

Have a safe, happy, fun filled 2010 and beyond

Sarah, Pip and Andrew
Studio Pip and Co.

P.S. if you would like our tea towel – email us at ideas (at) peoplethings.com