Long live the poster


Edit your future

1/ Edit you future – invites the viewer to piece together their version of future and by default create new hybrids, new ideas. The future seems to have so many to-be-determined factors we felt that what may result, interms of ways of living and outcomes, may be notions that challenge and seem potentially alien.


Now is tomorrow

2/ Now is tomorrow. People have a habit of putting themselves in the middle of every situation, and one wonders with the gloomy mood of the community whether the fundamentals of life will change.


Vision for a new world

3/ Visions of a new future. As the climate and world changes it requires people and communities to embrace the present and see the potential in current circumstances.

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Poster exhibition submissions
Australian Graphic Design Association
2009 Australian Poster Annual

The poster annual invited designers to respond to:

Sampling The Future – Society is in a continual state of flux. We are now dominated by five major global conditions:

* Climate change
* Diminishing fossil fuels
* Globalised economic crisis
* Generational change, and
* New technologies

In response we felt that one could get caught in the negatives of what the future holds, so we were driven to present a positive perspective of the poster annual’s theme. In challenging times we wanted to make visual messages and impressions that empowered the viewer with possibilities rather than hopelessness.

As a first for AGDA all entries are being published online, along withe the judges‘ choices, allowing you to be the judge, assemble your favourites and vote

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