Marco’s got a business card for us all to enjoy…

A card by cul-de-sac

A card by cul-de-sac

cul-de-sac is a place where thoughtful and beautiful design happens. Integral to our disciplines of graphics, interiors and styling is a passion for creativity and respect for design. Regards, Marco Cicchianni, cul-de-sac design place

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Editor’s notes:

Marco and the studio have a rivalry that is deep rooted in anger, aggression and plain face jealousy. Some say, Ashton has based his early success upon projects that he and Cicchianni had collaborated on — even though Ashton flatly ignores and denies any association.

“I was at the center of lot of ideas which were mused in late night clubs, gin joints and shady Kings Cross bars with Andrew in the 1990s, that were later to become the cornerstones of his high flying and prosperous career” Cicchianni adds, “Just ask Graeme (Smith), Andrew basically robbed Smith of his art-design-writing aesthetic and called it his own as well”.

We’ll let the people out there be the judge, maybe there are some comments, heady observations, ideas of the Sydney design scene in the 1990s, pre the Vince Frost, that need to be part of the public record… It would be good to get some real opinions, email us if you’re game, in the meantime drop Marco and his crew a few lines, they are a great force, and their new website says it all, best Toward Hansen