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This website is written and edited by a handful of busy people at Studio Pip and Co. who are mostly dashing from deadlines, timelines, and second drafts, in between swimming lessons, client meetings and thinking time.

We welcome content proposals which can either be sent to Toward, or Andrew.

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Andrew Ashton

Designer, writer, editor and nerd

Andrew Ashton was born in the North Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, in 1969.

In 1989 he graduated from Randwick Graphic Design School and worked at Sydney based graphic design companies Lam-po-tang & Co and Gallaher + Associates.

In 1994 Ashton formed a design partnership called Nelmes Smith Ashton (NSA). In the ten years that proceeded NSA was renamed Precinct Design.

In 2003 Ashton founded Studio Pip and Co. Ashton’s clients have included the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Paper, Chamber Music Australia, Computershare, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Moonlight Cinema and Spicers Paper.

Ashton is a member of the prestigious Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), Switzerland. Ashton’s graphic design work has received industry awards and recognition. He has served on numerous design awards panels in Australia and overseas.

Along with commercial projects, Ashton produces an array of studio publications and paper products. When time permits, Ashton reflects fondly upon his child acting days on Australian television, and studies the lyrics of obscure pop music produced in the 1970’s. Ashton volunteers for a range of cultural and industry organisations, periodically teaches design, writes often, takes photographs and chases after his young family.


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Toward Hansen

Group Consultant, editor and advisor

Born in Taipei in 1961, Toward Hansen is based in Dubai and Berlin. After a secondment in India during the 1980s, Toward returned to Taipei and dedicated a decade to helping businesses large and small in applying the principles of common sense.

Since May 2005 Toward has worked with the studio to deconstruct media and communication trends and what they mean to clients. Toward’s style is to constantly assess and critique. This process reveals the true nature of the studio offers, ideas, processes and products, to ensure that the client develops and continues a collaborative rapport with the studio. Toward has assisted to transform the studio’s website, work and communication practices.


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