2010 National Architecture Conference posters are now

As folded DL objects

As folded DL objects

Poster A

Poster A





Poster B




These posters are the latest output for the 2010 National Architecture Conference held in Sydney in April 2010.

There are two kinds of posters that combine rabbits, divers, retro bikes, paper cups and oranges to make extra ordinary compositions with ordinary objects. The posters fold from A2 to DL allowing the Institute to make a big impression while keeping the mail out prices to the standard letter rate of 55 cents. We have specified cost effective two colour printing and printed the project on coloured stocks by Optix in Copa Green and Velo Pink. We are loving printing colour on coloured stock, very happy sexy.

The posters communicate the event while the back details the programme. They designed be an exciting piece of DL print that can be folded out and hung in the studio or any public place, so if you have one hung in your studio take a medium rez photo and send it to us – we’d love to see them in situ.

Thanks again to Melanie and Paddy at the Institute for your vision, proofing and guidance.

Visit the conference here