(take us a-way) in Pearl Café brown bags, posters and…

Vego take-a-way poster

Vego take a-way poster

Seafood take-a-way poster

Seafood take a-way poster

Meat lovers take away poster

Meat lovers take a-way poster

Chicken in a take a way bag poster

Chicken in a take a-way mode poster

Folded menu

Folded menu



A black and white project with an open brief for Pearl Café in Melbourne – Mr Gunn just said – it’s has to be one colour; has to be about vego, chicken, seafood and meat; it’s about a new take a-way menu; and it has to look fun. Posters, window decal and menu’s and a little imagination followed. We loved the posters.

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  1. Alisa September 28th, 2009 2:48 pm

    Looks like you had fun too! V. Cute!!