The Optix manifesto of printing an interesting project


The first pass at 9.30am – 4 colour process on Viza Blue, printing by Brian


The second press pass – 10.30am. Mr Gunn makes kicking latté 01


The unprinted stock feeding into the printing press


Cleaned plates post print

The third press pass 11.45am – 4 colour on Kula Cream


The forth press pass 12.45am – a make ready sheet



The fifth press pass 2pm – 4 colour process on Copa Green, change of printer, hello Nathan


The sixth press pass 3pm – a gutsy process black on Copa Green, Mr Gunn makes kicking latté 02.


The seventh press pass sees out the last of the process printing, and two colour with a special mix pms colour awaits, Cadi Lilac of course – 7pm


The eight press pass – 8.15pm



The mixing of the special ink



The ninth press pass on Suni Yellow, the second pms seems to jump from the page – 9pm, 12whopping hours later



The final press pass – 10.15

Home 12.20am, blog post up 1.10am (thanks 6821)

With the rise of digital design out shining interesting printing, it is a treat to spend a day passing press. For the best part of 2010 we have been developing a paper promotion for Optix paper. With of twenty images, 2,500 words, seven colour stocks, seven colours, 5000 metres of ribbon. It is special to see ink hit paper over two days and work with printers who love the idea of making print work on coloured stock. There was a lot of on press adjusting required as coloured stock changes the very nature a desired image, as compared to printing on white paper. The possiblities for making a rich communication using coloured paper has endless of possibilities and effects, one has to have a willingness to experiment a little, do some testing at the studio with colour stock and your laser printer and consult your printer where ever possible.

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of being up to one’s elbows in paper and ink, thanks to the crew at Gunn and Taylor for all your elbow grease.

Register your interest in the latest promotion by sending an email optix (at) thecolourcollective (dot) com


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  1. Visitor 6821 July 1st, 2010 3:42 pm

    Home at 12pm, blog post up 1.10pm?
    Should that be 12am and 1.10am?

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