The Project Agency brand is away

The Project Agency is an emerging Melbourne based marketing, brand and events consultancy that works in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food and… They approached the studio to develop a brand and communication collateral to get heads talking and tongues wagging.

The Project Agency is a tricky selection of words to put together, so we tasked ourselves to come up with a tasty slab of type. Andrew worships at the alter of Herb Lubalin, and a recent shipment of U&lc magazines from the late 1980s, made Herb‘s work top of mind — no one does a tasty slab of type like Herb.

Avante Garde typeface (ligatures) by Herb Lubalin

Typemark by Herb Lubalin

After several presentations, the Herb inspired idea came up trumps. With the basis of the type mark approved then we spent time rubbing, back and scrubbing in the studio‘s homage to Herb. The type mark has an accompanying custom design seal based upon electrical engineering marks crossed with a Albrecht Dürer monograph. The stationery suite is a look book of sorts drawing upon The Project Agency‘s recent inspirations. It is intended to change the image work regularly.

Thanks again Esther we had enjoyed bringing this new brand together. Thanks to Gunn & Taylor for more fine printing.

Visit The Project Agency here

Visit Albrecht Dürer here

Visit Herb Lubalin here

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  1. Judd Madden February 4th, 2009 11:54 am

    Lovely work guys!

    On their website, the blurb is extremely blurry.. ack!