Artwalk Melbourne has a new identity

Animated sample of identity

Why do we keep our work simple?

The creative process is often influenced by materials and tools. This statement is indeed relevant in the marketing and branding of today. Sophisticated graphic software allows today’s designer to embellish, fluff up, and bling their work now more than ever. With all the new tricks and toys one can’t help reflecting on the idea, that the outcome needs an idea, and the idea of decoration, is still only the idea : to decorate. I can hear my Grandfather mumbling… just because something exists doesn’t make it good, or a good suit can’t make a fat man look thin. In this situation one has to find comfort from the market, whom without fail have knack of spotting the fraud, embracing the original and then vote with their feet, wallets or attention. often without too much fuss.

The history of identity and brand is founded on simple and clear principles.

As designers raised in the late 1980s we can’t help being romanced by the pioneering brand identities of Paul Rand, Chermayeff & Geismar, Saul Bass, Michael Wolff, Gert Dumbar, in Australia : Tony Lunn, John Spatchurst, Brian Sadgrove, Garry Emery and Ken Cato. These people discovered and defined brand identity and had a vision for brand identity as clear, graphically robust, uncomplicated, backed up by a conceptual twist, a meaningful idea or dialogue.

Our communication response to Artwalk

Above and beyond the look, or the mark, or the brand, clients come to us because they want to create a visual point of difference, so that they can help customers choose their products, create a commercial story and ultimately develop enough interest and awareness to create new and repeat transactions. In other words, for the CFOs, business owners, our work helps clients to create more income and grow market share.

The commercial aim of this project is create a new brand identity for this programme, develop a distinctive commercial visual, foster the growth of awareness and stimulate new customer transactions. The market are people of all ages who appreciate art, walking and Melbourne as a cultural precinct.

The identity for Artwalk Melbourne was a gift for our designers. The name, the distinctive visual clichés held by the broader community, helped us to define the idea of artwork; portrait canvas, then strap onto our canvas legs made up of a capital ‘A’ and there you have a symbol for “Walking Art” or “Moving Art”. We mixed typefaces to contrast traditional and contemporary themes. The differing scales of the typography suggest, depth and potential movement. We have also created a range icons to strap onto our legs which include art concept and artists themselves. Colour and images are not fixed allowing the idea of diversity to come through. See the following concept images and visuals.

Concept visual used to illustrate the "Walking Art" concept

The brand identity proposal in visual context

Concept drawings "Walking Art" marketing images

In the early days of this project we have assisted the client to develop the brand identity and marketing story, develop a marketing proposal and collateral shortlist which starts with a modest range of print collateral, and to focus upon developing a robust web presence and social media campaign.

Thank you Artwalk for a wonderful collaboration, watch this space for further development of the brand identity and market collateral.

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Type and graphic detail

Mono identity

Mono identity

Colour identity - orange option

Mono symbol

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