Coffee Supreme evolves their packaging part 01

The studio over the last few months has evolved the coffee bag range for Melbourne boutique roaster – Coffee Supreme. The first skew of this range, the 1kg bags, has hit the streets with little fuss.

The studio is responsible for the entire production – research and development, concepts, prototyping, image making to artwork. This round of packaging was designed to work in with the café interior, whilst also having a bold retail presence. Their are two image outcomes in the range and this image is a visual response to a New Zealand company operating and producing in Australia. Overall this outcome is contrasting – bold, quiet, graphic, straight, twisted and loaded with messages and irony. The Supreme coat of arms is a hybrid of the Australian coat of arms, mashing together a diverse range of elements – Supreme’s brand, the coffee plant, catch cries, cups and components of coffee making machines.

More to come, thanks to Supreme for continuely putting in place an interesting communication process.

Supreme can be found all over Melbourne

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