Coffee Supreme’s Christmas spirit in 2010

Completed Christmas gift

Felt pouch, customised docket book, complete with pencils

Coffee Supreme is a coffee roaster who enjoys the inventive, creating and discovery process. Charged with a brief to make something useful for Christmas, the studio collaborated and devised a café order kit.
In over twenty years Andrew has produced a range of custom gifts – shoulder bags, folios, coffee cups, pencils, stickers, aprons, hankerchiefs, garments, jackets, hats, diaries, folders, paper kits and paper accessories. Behind the presentation of a felt pocket, a folder or garment is a nutty process of chasing down materials, skilled makers and co-ordinating the production of components. Key to these projects are quality manufacturers and makers. As many Australian manufacturers have closed in the last two decades, due to cheaper offshore manufacturers, our makers have become a cherished group of skilled manufacturers, that we scour industrial estates, regional factories and chase down leads to find.
The outcome we devised had several components – a bespoke felt pouch, sealed with custom printed cloth tape, we sourced old school docket books and pencils to complete the kit. Each element required detailed drawing, artwork, material sourcing, production specification and production supervision with the final product coming together in under six weeks. Supreme made savings in time and money by chasing up estimates, samples, prototype, delivery of components and production supervision.
Happy Christmas Supreme, thanks again for another interesting communication project.

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