Recognition and excellence
In the twenty or so years of working in graphic communication we have been very privileged to find some wonderful recognition — 1998 was a really special year as far as trophies and stages go. When one has yet to achieve recognition, one desires recognition. When one has found that recognition, one discovers that a stack of trophies doesn’t make one a superior designer, or communicator. The special projects are the projects that meet the designer‘s, the client‘s and the audience‘s communication and design expectations — it is very rewarding to be a part of a project that universally exceeds expectations.
In recent times, web logs, such as this one, are a growing method for people to keep in contact studios, their process and work. In this forum there are no distinct forms of validation — no bronzes, or distinctions, or accredited categories. You, the visitor out there, are the judges. If you like a project — sometimes a comment is posted, or this website is selected for RSS feeds, or some of our images are put on visual reference websites such as Every week we are contacted by designers from all around world seeking to be involved in our intern programme, or looking for a job — these are forms of contemporary recognition that we are most grateful to receive.
The most rewarding recognition is the work itself. Our approach to work seems to attract like work and like people. In the course of a year we are put into some very interesting situations, which allow us to work with a range of interesting collaborators — fellow designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, marketers, florists, writers, public figures, the privileged, the under privileged, nerds, thinkers, to artists make for enriching experiences.
In recent years we rarely enter creativity awards programmes. Awards take a great deal of time to enter properly — vetting entries, preparing the entry panels, preparing the reproduction files, and in the end the glory is short lived, if the glory is lived at all. We feel that many award programmes lack the information that assist viewers to understand the project, and put the project to the context of a desired audience, or a set of criteria.
Unlike Europe, Japan and the US, Australia has very few outlets in print to document the work, the clients and process — apart from a small selection local awards programmes such at the Australian Graphic design Awards of which we enter a select range of projects.
In coming years, we hope that the award process turns into a forum where a selection works developed within a specific time frame are curated and presented together. Resulting in a body of work and producers celebrated as group exhibition, publication, reference and expression, rather than singling out projects and people — allowing the viewer to discover their favourites and be the judge.
Australian Writer and Art Directors Awards
Finalist 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003
Silver Award 2003

Australian Graphic Design Association Awards
1998/ 10 Distinctions, 1 Judges Choice, 1 Pinnacle
2000/ 1 Distinction
2002/ 12 Distinctions, 2 Judges Choice, 1 Special Recognition, 1 Pinnacle
2004/ 2 Distinctions, 3 Finalists
2006/ 3 Distinctions
2008/ 4 Distinctions, 3 Finalists
2010/ 3 Distinctions, 4 Finalists
Melbourne Art Directors Awards
2001/ 7 Finalists, 1 Bronze
2002/ 7 Finalists, 1 Best of Category
2003/ 2 Finalists, 1 Silver
2004/ 1 Bronze

Miscellaneous Awards
2004 Spicers Paperpoint Letterhead Competition winner
2006 Australian Creative Hotshop Finalist
2006 Desktop Magazine Create Awards Finalist
2006 Victorian Premiers Design Awards Finalist
2010 Desktop Magazine Create Awards Finalist
Photographic awards
Corbis Creative Behinds the Lens
2009 / Winner

Australian Graphic Design Association Awards
2002/ 2 Distinction
2004/ 2 Finalist

Melbourne Art Directors Awards
2000/ 1 Finalist
2001 St Kilda Calendar Competition Finalist

Graphic design judging panels
New York Art Directors Club, Australian Writers and Art Directors Awards, Australian Graphic Design Association Awards, Adelaide Art Directors Awards, Brisbane Art Directors Awards, Melbourne Art Directors Awards, Perth Art Directors Awards
2003 Melbourne Fringe Festival/Express Yourself, Artery, Fitzroy — Proof your where here
2004 Melbourne International Fashion Festival — Arts program, Sunday again street exhibition
2005 Australian Poster Annual, Melbourne/ 4 posters selected
2005 Australian Style Vibes in Sweden/ 2 posters exhibited
2005 AIGA Urban Tree Project, New York New York/ 1 poster exhibited
2006 Australian Poster Annual, Melbourne/ 4 posters exhibited
2006 State of Design Exhibition, Melbourne Museum
2007 $20 only poster exhibition at IMP Gallery
2010 Australian Poster Annual, Brisbane/ 1 poster exhibited
2010 The Australian Project, Melbourne, Brisbane/ 1 poster exhibited
1997 — 1999/ Australian Graphic Design Association NSW Chapter Councilor, Vice President 1998, 1999
2001 — 2002/ 2002 AGDA Biennial National Awards Graphic committee, Design Coordinator
2003 — 2005/ Sessional lecturer, Faculty of Design, Swinburne University
2005 — 2010/ Australian Graphic Design Association Victorian Chapter Councilor, Treasurer
2004 — selected for membership to Alliance Graphique Internationale
1994 — Australian Graphic Design Association

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