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In the last ten years we have seen the rapid growth of clients making, developing and realising their communications. Countless brands, stationery, brochures, signing and websites have witnessed many Australian clients ‘having a go’. Their drivers range from saving money, project streamlining, to bringing out a creative side. Regardless of the motives we are compelled to work with this trend, rather than hope that this idea goes away. We feel that the role of the designer has entered a new era and we want to play a part in this definition – by understanding the drivers and defining a space for our practice and services within this environment.

As the technology creates greater opportunity for people to interact with the communication process, there seems to be an opportunity for brands and brand outcomes to come to life. The ongoing exploration of interactive brands is one of the many development projects we pursue.

The interactive brands we have created follow these criteria:

Interactive brand outcome 01. – changing elements

Brands where the graphic and type parameters are formally defined and then applied to a range of changing type and graphic elements – allowing a distinctive and unique brand outcome to evolve.

Brand mark for Parlour Hairdressers

Parlour Hairdressers / May 2008 / Brand, stationery, contact website

We used a range of fonts to reflect the infinite variety of looks that can be generated with hair styling.

Martel contemporary upholstery

Martel Upholstery / December 2008 / Brand, stationery, signing website

We developed this custom font for Martel based upon the act of marking a type form with a sewing machine. We then applied to this mark potential stitching styles used in upholstery.

See also – Paper Round, Chamber Music Australia, Saxton Paper, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, Karl Photographer v 01, extra/ordinary 2010 AIA National Architecture Conference

Interactive brand outcome 02. – set elements varying application

The second kind of interactive brand we make involves creating the basic elements – the type, the graphic and materials, we then apply a level of instruction. The client can combine these elements – the type mark, the brand graphic and suite of papers, cards and envelopes – enabling the client to create and realise the brand, and its application.

Batch Espresso / February 2009 / Brand, stationery, signing

For Batch Espresso we work out the elements, discussed the making of the branded work and then let the team do the rest.

Action brand

The brand components

The outcomes

The Mighty Wonton / Web developer / August 2010 / Brand and stationery

For web developer and designer The Mighty Wonton we again worked out the brand and the elements, the rest is left in their capable hands. The look is raw and loose which appeals to having something active as compared to their actual work – which lives digitally.

See also – Writing by Brita Frost, Studio Pip and Co. South Yarra Sellout, ZAP Productions, Coffee Supreme, Planet Cup

Interactive brand outcome 03.– instruction based

The third outcome is make a brand that is defined around a set of instructions or process. It is this action which is as much part of the brand as is the physical outcomes. These brands come with a set of instructions and guidelines, allowing the client to modify the mark to suit their project, or reflect their service. The brand is capable of consistent form yet have many looks and is way of making a personal mark which then communicates a broader concept.

National Design Centre / Industry organisation / January 2005 / Brand, stationery, website, signing

A design centre needs to reflect all manner of styles, people and process. For the Nation Design Centre their logo was a grid that has a set of instructions – this any mark making implement join ten points, make sure all four outer sides of the grid are touched – there is your symbol, with thousands of possible outcomes.

THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET /Design event / August 2009 / Brand, stationery, signing, street posters and website

In the spirit of Ellen Lupton and her book D.I.Y – Design It Yourself, the studio has developed a D.I.Y. identity for the THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET project in Melbourne. Crossing through the – Design Market playfully references what the names suggests. The brand also comes with a set of instructions and guidelines, allowing designers working on the project to modify the mark to suit their project. The brand is capable of consistent form yet have many looks.

In almost all instances the studio can’t help producing solutions for the design sector that are neutral, complimentary, has that something that can’t be described and a twist.

Andrew Pegler Media’s action brand

Andrew Pegler Media / January 2009 / Brand, stationery, website

The personal computer has transformed every user into a writer, graphic designer, photo retoucher… In recent times the overall standard of writing has improved. However, the craft of writing suffers, as many writers are unfamiliar with basic writing principles (like this website, which is full of writing and editing errors). Melbourne based copywriter, Andrew Pegler, changed address and needed a simple business card that demonstrates, preferably by personal means, the difference that quality writing services can bring to any communication.

After exploring the modern writing process, we developed a card that allowed Pegler to demonstrate the writing and editing in action. A versatile and process driven identity was devised by building into the card design a writing mistake, which required Pegler to arm himself with a “trusty red pen“, and manually edit each card — changing a noun into a proper noun (a proper noun is a noun that is the name of a specific individual, place, or object, i.e Earl Carter, or Eureka Tower, or English).

This is an ongoing studio project that we evolving for large to small organisations – for details about this process, other working outcomes and the potential of developing outcomes for your organisation contact Andrew at the studio.

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  1. anne latreille October 29th, 2010 10:29 am

    Hey this is GREAT, especially the ones that move. I do like Andrew Pegler’s. It was really good to see you both today and hope I didn’t rave on too much about what I had seen and bought ….

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