KereKere has a new hot spot at Melbourne Uni

Temporary moving poster

Ground stencils

Point signing

Café in action

Barn door

Menu system

Information area

A5 menu

Street brand campaign

Kere Kere brand and signing programme / December 2010
Brand, marketing proposition, sub branding, tag line, print, signing and advertising communication.

In early 2009 the studio developed a brand for a café situated with the campus of Melbourne University. The café started out as a cart and over time transformed into a purpose built structure.

Working with a modest budget we collaborated with the client to design it yourself, DIY – in this instance we devised look and feel, then supplied stamps, stencils and provided pdf art for posters, menus and tags. Time, guidance and the client helped realising the brand, communication and signing graphics execution. This project is a fine example of changing the relationship with design we are striving for with clients and their communication. Our dream is to work with big and small clients in a range of DIY capacities. Let’s go

Next stop is Kere Kere’s website, thanks to James again, wonderful collaboration.

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