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Klopper brand and roll out / January 2011
Brand, print, signing communication.
If you trawl around the internet looking at design sites, many, like us, are spruiking their brands, graphic design and such things. One could could be forgiven to think that graphics is a complex vocation – coming up with ideas, making images, developing messages and putting them together. At the other extreme, one could think that graphic designers can rattle on about things that don’t matter in the scheme of things. In such a space, one of our favourite approaches (if you hadn’t guessed already), is to strip it all back – and their is nothing like a looming real deadline to keep the complexity of what our work can be in place.
Jenny from Klopper dropped into the studio just before Christmas and said – in two weeks I have a shop site in a really hot spot ay the South Melbourne Market, and I need some imagery and graphic presences to pull the whole thing off. Late the next afternoon we delivered the first round of visuals, and the day after we had graphic files going off to manufacturers.
Jenny is an imaginative and hands on person. She likes to make things, find things, move things, turn great objects without a home into objects of desire – a visit to her shop, which simply emerged from stuff collected out in her garage, confirms this.
Jenny’s store is filled with many great / sometimes designer / retro objects. One loves inspecting such objects – the object itself is typically seductive, considered, unique and turn it over and there a simple brand mark staring back you saying – see, we don’t need some fancy symbol, or typeface with rounded corners. All we had to do is do some confident unassuming type.
We made for Jenny, three custom ‘K’s, two type marks, a big sheet of stencils, stamps, stickers, paper suggestions and rough instructions and Jenny brought her brand to life. This project is another great example of D.I.Y design. From these images the brand has a life, variation and we sat on the side lines and watched it happen.
A favourite project is the signs for the shop. Jenny has a load of florescent light covers needing a use – long frosty perspex boxes. We measured one up, positioned the type mark and then instructed a reverse vinyl sticker to be made. With a little encouragement Jenny learned how to position the vinyl sticker on the inside find a light source – an then we have a type mark with soft edges.
Next stop is Stall 224, South Melbourne Market, Klopper love to see you and bring some money. Thanks to Jenny again, wonderful fun.

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