La Joie de Vivre Gunn & Taylor in 2011

Françious inspired joyful divas

Gunn & Taylor approached us to assist with developing an end of year promotional campaign – last year Japan was top of mind, this year we flew across continents and landed in Montmartre, Paris.

Gunn & Taylor have a new very special foiling, embossing and die cutting machine (a packaging designers dream) that needed a work out. We dreamed up eight joyful party divas, which masqueraded in splashes of matt Yves Kline blue foil and delicate glimmers shot white foils contrasted with black and red printed on crunchy, toothy boards to fine uncoated papers. Invitations, event coasters, Christmas cards and other joyful printed surprises await. Another wonderful moment where communication, craft and print know how meets. Thanks again Mr Gunn and crew for a terrific collaboration.

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