Lost in music – poster for 2011 AGDA Poster Annual

The creative brief from the AGDA website :
The theme for the 2011 AGDA Poster Annual is “Inspired by Music”. Entrants are invited to be inspired and interpret this theme however they wish. Music is perhaps the oldest of humanity’s creative endeavours. It is both an art form as well as a type of communication. The world over music is a source of entertainment, celebration, worship and expression. The diversity of music reflects the soul of the world and binds us all. We all experience music at emotional and cultural levels. It offers us our finest moments and records our trials and our joys. This is the power that we hope you can capture.
We ask you, the entrants, to create posters about whatever you like. You can discuss whatever you wish as long as your subject matter stems from music in some way. Your approach may be as broad or as narrow as you wish. Your poster could be a portrait of your favourite composer or a social protest inspired by a song lyric – it is up to you.
Ask yourself questions. What is personal to you? How does music affect you? What do you love? Who inspires you? How do we use music to make social and political statements? How do we socially connect? How has music affected humanity? What historical moments are punctuated by music? Who are our heroes? What is the significance of our composers, our poets, our dancers? What are our stories? Where have we been? Where are we going?

Our response :
Open creative briefs often require a process of execution rather than spending hours and hours thinking about it.
We are often lost in music and we took the opportunity to make a poster while being in one of these moments. On our morning walk a month or so ago, we tasked ourselves to find five similar objects within a set time frame of five minutes and use these objects to make a poster.
In our five minutes we found five Slurpie drinking straws littering our path, while listening to Handshake Drugs by Wilco, off the album – Ghost is Born. We took them back to the studio, cleaned them up, but not too much, scanned, retouched and developed compositions which are adaptions of the five line music stave, these compositions are devised and inspired from the visualisation of soundwaves. The results trips into the visual scape often explored by Swiss designer Niklaus Troxler.
Best of luck to the 593 entrants and cheers to Mark and all his efforts, results will be announced in September.
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