Motion or moving design projects

2007 Melbourne Fringe Festival tvc / Melbourne Fringe Festival
Festival image by the Studio, spot conceived and produced by Studio XYZ
15sec spot
*** 2008 AGDA Finalist award

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008 HD from Peter Lundgren on Vimeo.

2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival tvc / Melbourne Fringe Festival
Festival image by the Studio, spot conceived and produced by Studio XYZ
15sec spot

The excellent motion piece developed by Studio XYZ in response to the theme we put in place for 2007 and 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival in the lead up to, and during the event run a community based television ad campaign. Melbourne’s XYZ studio was appointed to develop a 15 second spot.

The 2007 TVC project was a chance to see how the “everyone is a designer“ theme translated to a different media form by another creative organisation. We supplied artwork components, had a couple of productive telephone briefings and then let time and XYZ do their thing. XYZ embraced the project and resolved a work intensive, stop motion, animation fest. In typical fashion XYZ generated the most interesting and engaging expression of the whole campaign.

The concept in 2008 explored the idea of alter ego. We explored the methods and means that people use to achieve their alter ego. We sort out the simplist of methods of acting out alter ego, something everybody could do – putting hands, or something as simple as a blank piece of card in front of one’s face, creates an interruption where a new form is allowed to take place, the team at XYZ transformed the images palette we developed and transformed it into a compelling piece of motion design.

2010 AIA National Conference Extra/Ordinary from pixelshifter with Studio Pip and Co. on Vimeo.

2010 National Architecture Conference conference stings / Australian Institute of Architects
Conference image by the Studio, spot co-conceived and produced by Mr Pixelshifter
*** 2010 AGDA Distinction award

The 2010 National Architecture Conference held in Sydney is Australia’s most anticipated forum exploring architecture. extra/ordinary will dwell on the culture of the extraordinarily ordinary. As an antidote to the incessant abstractions of globalization, we will be gathering together those who have an enthusiasm for engaging with the contingency of the everyday: inventing new ways of operating; embracing collaborative approaches and initiating direct action on the ground. Producing outcomes that are innovative and utilitarian, provocative and pragmatic. Resolving ordinary problems in extraordinary ways.

On Wednesday night (14 April), seven days before the conference, we uploaded the 40 page programme artwork. On Thursday morning we woke to the news of the Iceland volcano, that put airways in northern Europe in grid lock and subsequently knocked out half of the international speakers (who ended up telecasting live via satellite).

The motion graphics were being finalised on the weekend in between (17and 18 April), we re briefed digital designer Scott Richie of pixelshifter to start the intro graphic to include a volcano sequence. Mel Dodd the conference director, in passing mentioned that her opening speech would reference the volcano and we felt that it seemed appropriate to reference the volcano as a new graphic element.

I am Amsterdam spot / 2005 A-G-I Amsterdam conference
Written and shot by the Studio, edited by The Mighty Wonton
40sec spot

As part of the Alliance Graphique Internationale Congress in Amsterdam participants where asked to respond to Amsterdam’s marketing theme “I am Amsterdam”. Thanks again to Lee at Little Irrespressible Wonton for putting the clip together. Visit the congress’s website

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