New brands developed of autumn and winter of 2011

The Abbotsford Club – café type mark

The Abbotsford Club – café graphic mark – coat of arms version

The Abbotsford Club – café graphic mark – corporate version

The Abbotsford Club – café graphic mark – gang version

Stamp, stamp

The Abbotsford Club/ Identity / Melbourne
Brand variation / type marks / graphic symbols
colour and mono / applied to bill folds, cards, advertising signing, instant print
Developed 2011 / 12 week project
Coffee Supreme has opened a new café on their factory site. With the coffee roastery only metres away from café, the coffee experience can’t get any fresher. The name of the café was an invitation to explore the types of club and their potential brand design. Melbourne is a city of clubs, clubs of all classes are dreamed up and operate with passionate members. We imagined and propositioned three types of club “a members only institutional club” like The Melbourne Club, The Savage Club, or The Athenaeum Club, ” “a sports clubs” like the MCC or Carlton Blues and “a street gang” like the Sharpies or Sharps. However the only membership requirement is a love for fine coffee. We imagined the club traveling through time and class, taking on several graphic personals – the traditional, a sports feel, and the street.
Elements of this brand development process has found their way on new apparel, signing and packaging that we have developed for Supreme over the last six months.

The Frank Classic/ Identity / Melbourne
Brand variation / type mark / graphic symbol
mono / applied to bibs, cards, instant print
Developed 2011 / 6 week project
The Frank Classic is a brand developed for an event. Frank is a keen skier and his celebration is skiing classic race. The mark was applied on invitations, bibs, and trophies.

Patricks Australia/ Identity / Melbourne
Brand variation / type mark
mono / applied to stationery, cards, brochure
Developed 2011 / 12 week project
Patrick Australia is one of Australia’s oldest badge and premium manufacturers. We were tasked to develop a brand that is a modern old school type mark based upon their existing brand. The ribbon motif is key to the execution, the company name including the legalese shaped the custom type outcome.
Thank you to all our commissioning clients.

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