2011 AGIdeas open studio action with Mark Gowing

Open night street posters

The studio has participated in the AGIdeas open studio project for eleven years. We like to mix it up every year with special guests and collaborations.

This year Mark Gowing, from Mark Gowing Design dropped by the studio to help facilitate the making of a mural that will take over our meeting room. We also invited attending design students to contribute to a film making project exploring their thoughts and ideas of design practice.

Andrew conceived the projects and actions which was theme as – doing, making, talking and smiling and asking. Mark was charged with curating, photographing and making the posters, Sarah Furzer was also in image making mode and Lily our intern was helping too.

The night started with drinks and a briefing, each person had their photograph taken, Sarah then prepared over eighteen portraits – contouring, retouching and screening, Lilly then put each image on an A1 sheet, then each A1 sheet was carved up into four A3 sections. Sections where printed onto grey Optix paper in black and white. With 72 sections in hand, and fourteen students. Mark work shopped with the students what could be made. The group decided to create the word EVERYONE? Small groups where formed and each group had to make abstract letter forms our of the photographic sections and bank paper. During the mural making student briefly stepped out and gave a video interview. In forty minutes the mural was made and we finished off the session with pizza, more drinks and an open discussion.

Getting a feel for the images

Getting a feel for it

In the thick of smashing out letters

Mark in action

Kerning, pondering, pinning, adjusting

Some big dotty people

Letters "eVE" – can you see them

Facing west

Our transformed meeting room

A wonderful and surprising work was made and we all got to know each other a little better in three thrilling hours. Thanks again to all our new collaborators Nina Read, John Camilleri, Nastassia Williams, Stephanie Foti, Esther Parsons, Tara Nangia, Caitlin Mills, Jenna Foot, Stephanie Plain, Lauren Millard, Arwen Osborne, Anya Mielniczek, Danielle Capon and the AGIdeas crew who pitch in for us while we fluff about – being creative people.

Visit the wonderful work of Mr Mark Gowing here

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