Revisiting the Cruden Farm booklet

Cruden Farm is one of Australia’s great private gardens and home of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch of eighty years. The garden has a world renowned reputation for it’s vision, beauty and design. In recent times the garden enjoys over 30,000 visitors a year. After countless requests from guests for a take home guide, Dame Elisabeth commissioned Andrew to develop a modest concise booklet to retail at the garden for under AU$10.
The last guide was produced in 2001, and since this last production writer Anne Latreille (who authored and production managed the first guide), has written a comprehensive pictorial book of the garden ‘Cruden Farm – Garden of a life time’. The 190 page publication required a comprehensive photographic survey of the garden from a selection of garden photographers Chris Bell, Ben Wrigley and Jerry Harpur.
Armed with new selections of professional images, stocks of the 2001 booklet running low and Dame Elisabeth’s birthday approaching, a second edition booklet was commissioned. The chance to revisit the same project after eight years is a great opportunity for a designer to action the benefit of hindsight and experience.
The second round allow us to refine the story telling, many aspects of the design were assessed and enhanced. Like the first publication we explored the garden through the history then seasons. The booklet was then split into two sections the text story on uncoated paper section and image story of on the glossy paper section. The publication was wrapped in a dust jack that also serves as a fold out poster.
The second edition in comparison to the first has a bookish appearance, the layouts are refined, confident and uncomplicated. The other standout difference is the improvement in reproduction technology. Hi resolution digital cameras and the latest in print presses make for a production where the detail is fine and the film grain all but gone.
Thanks again to Dame Elisabeth, Anne Latreille and Penny for your guidance and to Gunn & Taylor for another round of fine printing.
Many happy returns Dame Elisabeth.
Read about Dame Elisabeth’s extraordinary life here

All of our work starts with a plan of sorts. This loose plan was developed on the cover of the property’s glossy book. The cluster of notes hanging out of the top of the book depicts possible image choices.

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