Transform Me – undergrad publication for Swinburne Design Faculty

Produced 2005 / Recycled newsprint / 48 pages
Theme content direction, photography, image making, design and layout
Publication, signing, posters, invitation

The end of year publication for undergrad at Swinburne University’s Design Faculty serves many purposes – to document students, their work, communicating this output to family, the industry sectors as well as other design institutions.

In 2005 the Studio was asked to put together a publication that communicated the Faculty and its achievements, using a united editorial and writing team, cohesive image making, along with a curated collection of graduate work all within a modest budget. Inspired to illustrate the transformation process of tertiary eduction the theme “transform me” followed up “people, place and work” theme established the year before.

This publication was recognised at the 2006 Australian Graphic Design Association Award for editorial design.

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