Virtual Pearl a website for a restaurant

Customised CMS
Concept, design and creative direction / execution 12 weeks
Budget $10 – $15k

Pearl Restaurant and Bar engaged the studio to develop its website. The brief was open at the start, it could be a sexy flash site, it could be html, it could be both, or something else. The more that the client and studio investigated the many restaurant sites on line, it became clear that the site for Pearl had to allow the restaurant to build on it’s community. Therefore there was a need to provide interesting destination rich with quality content often, for customers and followers of Pearl to loose themselves in.

We propositioned the client with the process of generating content with customised web log based software. The ease of staff delivering content to the internet, won over their desire for seductive moving graphics and digital effects. Visit pearlrestaurant here and move about its splashy tabloid like interface and visit often — the guys at Pearl are passionate about generating their own brand of stories, ideas and insights often. This web solution allows all manner of content to flow.

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