We are looking for a partner with a head for business

Friends, supporters, clients, peers and service partners of Studio Pip and Co.

In its ninth year Studio Pip and Co. is looking for a business partner, with a head for business, to complement and communicate the potential of our creative services to leading clients, brands and organisations. We are calling for expressions of interest from Melbourne based marketing, PR and business development professionals, from branding, design, communications, advertising, marketing, strategic and PR sectors looking to evolve their business practice.

We are seeking a proven professional to work with designer and director Andrew Ashton, to bring together skills, networks and experience, to develop a leading creative services studio which thinks, works and makes creative and thoughtful outcomes for leading clients, brands and organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

The studio over nine years has developed a professional, friendly and innovative reputation. Successful candidates will be determined by :

  • Cultural fit and values
  • Vision for creativity and communication services
  • Experience and networks

The successful partner will contribute to shaping a new creative services group, bringing together studio products, developing studio’s communications channels, and will help shape new ventures such as, digital products, boutique creative recruitment services and a new region wide creative services model.

Next steps

  • Interested candidates are invited to forward introductory letter and credentials
  • Suitable candidates will be invited to a series of discussions exploring vision, financial steps, product and service and operational vision
  • The potential partner will be invited to co-develop a probationary partnership model and business plan, heads of agreement and partnership roll out.

We invite our friends, supporters, clients, peers and service partners of Studio Pip and Co, to pass on this Expression of Interest to suitable people with a head for business – we are ready to develop, evolve and transform our creative practice.

Applications can made to Andrew Ashton via email only, toward(at)peoplethings(dot)com.

Many thanks

Andrew Ashton

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